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10 Hobbies That Help Students De-Stress and Find Inner Peace

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Even though student years are definitely one of the best periods in one’s life, studying can get challenging from time to time. Many students complain about stress and anxiety that stem from deadlines, assignments, and midterm exams.

Although there are lots of write my research paper services ready to prepare a killer essay for the tightest of deadlines, they are not that effective in relieving the accumulated stress and fatigue in general. Hobbies, instead, are much more effective when it comes to finding inner peace.

This article will cover certain activities and hobbies that can help students reduce stress and improve both physical and mental health.


If you have an opportunity to work with plants in the countryside or any flower shop, try doing it. This activity is pretty inspiring and de-stressing. There is hardly something as refreshing as nature, so gardening is probably the best thing you can do to shift your attention from daily challenges and routines.

Moreover, on a chemical level, bacteria that live in the soil makes our brain produce serotonin. It serves as  a natural antidepressant that calms your mind and improves your mood.


If you are keen on writing, keeping a journal may help you live a better and healthier life. You can share your thoughts and pains, your deepest secrets and emotions, having no fear of someone’s judgment.

At the same time, while writing, you practice your creativity and let the accumulated stress out. Journaling is very helpful if you need to clarify your thoughts and emotions.


This hobby is pretty popular among students as it allows catching the moment in the most creative way. When you try to take a picture of something, you shift your focus on what’s really going on around you. For a moment, you forget such things as stress, anxiety, and depression. This hobby helps you see the beauty of every moment.

There are lots of photography courses where students can get the hang of various techniques. You can master smartphone photography or learn to make beautiful pictures on a professional camera.


Listening to music or creating it has proven to be very effective in relieving stress. A beautiful melody and pleasant sounds can help your mind let go. Therefore, everyone is recommended to give themselves a break from time to time with a beautiful song playing on the background.

If you are a music fan, this hobby will definitely have an effect similar to stress-relieving therapy on you. Such music breaks can contribute to lowering blood pressure, slowing down the heart rate, decreasing stress and anxiety levels, etc.


If you are hiding an actor inside you, doing improv or performing in the theater for amateurs can be a perfect way for you to relieve your stress. You can shift your attention from your problems to the role you play and try to experience your characters’ lives when playing.

Acting is very effective in reducing symptoms of depression or anxiety that hunts students. Such a hobby can also positively affect your inner state, feeling you with positive feelings and emotions.


Many people love pleasure reading, but for students, this hobby can be especially important. Reading your favorite book can also drive you away from negative thoughts and pressure that you experience daily. Instead, you can develop your imagination and learn from the protagonists’ life experiences.

Reading makes you calm and relaxed. It can distract one from problems and takes away the feeling of being overwhelmed. Just take a book that inspires you and find a cozy place to hide with it.


If you are a fan of silent morning or evening walks, turn them into your hobby. Walking in nature is as refreshing as it gets. If you combine it with listening to some music or audiobook, it will only contribute to the overall positive effect on your body.

Walking in nature helps you get rid of negative thoughts. It strengthens both your physical and mental health, increasing your sense of awareness. Just think about it: there is nothing better than breathing in fresh air while listening to the sounds of nature.


Many young people have found the effect of dancing close to that brought about by antidepressants. Indeed, this activity really helps many relax and destress. It combines everything you need for effective stress relief practice: cardiovascular activity, socialization, and aerobics.

If you can find a partner who’d be a friend or a group of like-minded people, dancing will become your favorite time of the day. There will be no sign of stress left.


Many students find it inspiring to travel to other cities or countries as soon as they have a chance. Indeed, being able to turn off all the problems and leave them behind at least for a weekend can help in finding the right solutions later.

Moreover, traveling often lets you meet new friends and gives aesthetic pleasure. It definitely widens your horizons. In the end, you come back being a different person – at least for a bit. The problems and challenges that seemed unbearable will be viewed in an absolutely different light.


For many people,  cooking is a truly rewarding activity. But most of them admit that it is baking that has a calming effect on them. Indeed, the number of recipes is immense, each of them promising a different flavor and shape.

Get creative, experiment with ingredients, and let yourself feel happy like a child in the kitchen. Baking can do magic, alleviating stress, and helping you release all negative emotions.

Final Words

Having a hobby is important for students. At least this will help you have a life beyond studies. No one can concentrate on something for too long or stay productive under constant stress. We are not machines after all, and we all need a distraction at times.

Thus, make sure you pick up something that makes you feel good and stick to it. Do not ever think that the moments spent doing something that makes you happier is a waste of time. You need that to feel refreshed and recharged. After all, your health (both physical and mental) depends on it.


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