13 Things About Betting You May Not Have Known

You might be aware of the gambling industry and what it entails, but chances are you’re not aware of the finer details – here are 13 facts about betting you might not have known about. 



  • Bookmakers can copy odds


Bookmakers can utilize the capacities of APIs to track what their competitors are offering in terms of odds and offer those prices to their customers. Most people don’t look into value betting and won’t use bet tracking software, so bookies who are copying odds don’t have worry about being precise. Some bookies also offer free horse racing tips for an extra incentive.



  • Betting syndicates are where the big money is


Betting syndicates are companies that have access to the best betting analytics in the industry and they have a long and successful history as a result, with turnovers that exceed billions every year. 



  • You can use multiple bookies with one account


Some brokers will offer you a betting portfolio that enables you the option to choose odds from multiple bookmakers from the same menu – a feature that’s getting increasingly popular around the world. 



  • It’s easy to make extra cash


Making good use of bookmaker incentives and offers makes it easy to bet without having to actually stake any of your own cash. You just have to properly use a smart bet tracker and read the terms and conditions before using a simple bet calculator. 



  • The odds of winning money might be better than you think


With lower league sports games, there are less resources invested into tracking odds and controlling the supply and demand, so the chances to make money are higher.



  • Card counting is legal


Card counting might be frowned upon in the gambling industry but there are actually no laws rendering it illegal. It’s a strategy most often used in Blackjack to estimate the likelihood of the next hand being in the players favour. 



  • The first casino in Vegas belonged to a woman


Mayme Stocker was the first person to gain a casino gaming license in 1920, owning and operating the Northern Club alone.



  • Getting started is easier than many think


Betting looks complicated, but on a basic level it requires setting a budget, deciding what to bet on, joining a betting site or heading to a bookmaker, learning about odds and learning simple wagers – and that’s enough to start betting!



  • Sports betting isn’t about luck


While some betting is based purely on chance, sports betting requires more strategy and the more skilled you become at analyzing the data, the more chance you have of being successful. 



  • You don’t need to be a maths genius


While you need to do some calculations when betting, there’s no need to have a degree in mathematics in order to be successful.



  • Betting at higher odds doesn’t equal success


There’s a myth that betting at higher odds increases your chance of profiting, but actually it reduces your chances of winning overall. Ultimately, it’s no more or less profitable than low odds in the long term. 



  • Online betting isn’t dangerous


Myths abound that online betting is risky, but a lot of investment has gone into the technology for online betting, making it much safer than people realize. 



  • Football leads the industry



Football betting is the most popular form of betting, with horse racing a close second for punters. 



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