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Letters to the Editor 11-22-2018

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How convenient

Dear ER:

How convenient of Redondo Beach Councilmember Christian Horvath to address campaign finance reform, when his 2015 election was so expensive [“Donation limits set for 2019 elections,” ER Nov. 15, 2018].

As a result, he has voted Yes on every single development project that has crossed his desk. He has shown our community that he is beholden to special interests and developers.

Horvath’s refusal to include a prohibition on donations from developers, contractors and leaseholders of any kind says everything about who he is — far from noble in my opinion.

Horvath’s self proposed limits come after he has filled his war chest with developer and special interest money.

I was pleased however to see that prohibiting donations after the election made it into the motion. Horvath collected thousands of dollars after the election from leaseholders due to the fact that he has “relationships” with them — his words not mine.

While nothing may be illegal about his actions, his relationships and voting history tell a very different story. Councilmember Horvath’s poor choices and disappointing fiscal management have been disastrous for District 3 and the City of Redondo Beach.

Jacqueline Pounds

Redondo Beach

Fire angels

Dear ER:

Gotta love the Meistrells. And great idea, Ryan Harris [“South Bay watermen boat in supplies to Woolsey Fire victims,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]!

Derek Levy

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Huge hearts

Dear ER:

This proves there are people who have huge hearts and care for their fellow neighbor [“South Bay watermen boat in supplies to Woolsey Fire victims,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]. God Bless you all.

Kim Larsen

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From the sea

Dear ER:

Awesome effort, execution and community heart by all involved [“South Bay watermen boat in supplies to Woolsey Fire victims,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]! Special thank you to Ryan Harris!

Regina Partin

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Fine first responders

Dear ER:

Thank you so much for your efforts in Oak Park [“South Bay fire crew battles Woolsey wildfire,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]. So very appreciated by our community!

Susan Pouzia

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Local aid

Dear ER:

Way to go South Bay [“South Bay fire crew battles Woolsey wildfire,” ER Nov. 15, 2018].

Ken Shuck

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Fires and Edison

Dear ER:

Lawsuits are being filed against Southern California Edison over allegations that its unsafe equipment, aging infrastructure and ineffective vegetation management system caused or contributed to the devastating Thomas Fire. A lawsuit was filed against SoCal Edison alleging that an explosion or fire in one of SCE’s transformers sparked the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, followed by another transformer fire nearly six miles away that was a second ignition point, and that the two blazes merged.

The 281,893-acre Thomas Fire forced thousands of people to evacuate and destroyed a staggering 1,063 structures — including more than 750 homes. The fire was responsible for two deaths, including San Diego CAL Fire engineer Cory Iverson. Storm-triggered flash floods on hillsides in Santa Barbara/Montecito ravaged by the Thomas Fire, killing at least 21 people, destroying or damaging hundreds of homes, and shutting down the 101 Freeway for weeks.

Since 2007, the company has been cited in connection with $78 million for electrical and fire-related incidents by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Southern California Edison is being investigated by state regulators for its possible role in the massive Woolsey Fire burning in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. According to CPUC, electrical infrastructure may have suffered malfunctions near ground zero of the blazes.

SCE issued an alert to the CPUC that a substation circuit near the Woolsey Fire origin “relayed,” or sensed a disturbance on the circuit, just two minutes before Cal Fire said that the devastating fire began. The Woolsey Fire has burned more than 96,940 acres in Los Angeles and Ventura counties with an estimated 1,452 structures destroyed and at least three people killed.

Robert Bush

Manhattan Beach

Heartbreaking loss

Dear ER:

Absolutely heartbreaking [“Hermosa Beach man found dead in Mexico,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]. Prayers to the family and friends.

Brenda Bush-Campos

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Party over

Dear ER:

I have zero desire to travel to Mexico [“Hermosa Beach man found dead in Mexico,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]. The party is over.

Patricia Keilbach

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Hard(ware) news

Dear ER:

When I was a kid my father would always take me to Kurt’s with him [“Artesia’s Kurt Hardware to close,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]. I remember my dad always buying me peanuts from the little machines.

Chris Mendez

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Ballot boost

Dear ER:

Congratulations to Democrat Al Muratsuchi. I am happy to see such strong support from true Democrats [“Muratsuchi trumps Scotto, holds onto Assembly seat,” ER Nov. 15, 2018].

Muratsuchi triumphed despite the feeble efforts of Rescue our Waterfront (ROW) to undermine the Assemblyman’s election over small minded issues. I understand a Trump loving Republican like Redondo Councilman Nils Nehrenheim not supporting a Democrat, but Democrats who are part of Rescue Our Waterfront should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting Al Muratsuchi. ROW brings out the worst in people and destroys the idea of community.

Paul Moses

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Not so fast

Dear ER:

It’s really egregious to blame ROW for everything you don’t like, now including Democrats who support ROW. That statement is indicative of the “party uber alles” syndrome where members/supporters of whatever group, club, association, political party, et. al. must define themselves strictly by the party line/market-spin. I do agree with the statement, “Congratulations to Al Muratsuchi”

Lezlie Campeggi

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Leading Redondo

Dear ER:

As the new CEO of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and a new member of the Redondo Beach community I continue to experience what our wonderful city has to offer. I was truly inspired by the passionate alumni testimonial I heard at the recent Leadership Redondo recruitment mixer at Kincaid’s, which is why I wanted to share this information with you.

Leadership Redondo is set to embark upon its 19th class with an application deadline of Dec. 15. Classes start on Jan. 11, 2019. The program is for community members who live, work or play in Redondo Beach and want to connect, engage and be more informed.

It is a great way to learn about the various aspects that help create a healthy, thriving community. Members become informed, engaged, and effective leaders in their personal, professional, or civic lives. Together, they dedicate their time and talents in creating legacy projects that are gifted to the City of Redondo Beach. Some recent projects include the Parson project for kids, a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trailer for our community and the Unity Bell for the Redondo Union High School.

Therefore I cordially invite community members to consider Leadership Redondo. This year there are several new scholarship possibilities available for qualifying candidates. Be part of the proud legacy that is Leadership Redondo. Visit redondochamber.org/leadership-redondo or just contact the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce at 310.376.6911 for more information and application.

Dominik Knoll

Redondo Chamber CEO


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