3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers, Comments, Likes

If you have found us, I am sure you have one specific question on your mind – “How can I get more views and increase subscribers on my channel?

I am sure you have already tried everything on your end, but alas, you were not able to get your desired outcome. So, what is next for you? Will you buy YouTube subscribers?

Well, there is nothing in the YouTube rule book that prevents you from taking this action. But hasty decisions can bring unfavourable consequences for your channel. 

Your channel is not going anywhere, nor are the service providers, so do yourself a favour and read this entire blog. You can very well go ahead with your decision and buy YouTube subscribers or views, but at the very least, you will be doing so with a goal in mind and a firm grasp on the consequences.

Let’s dive in.


Why YouTubers Buy YouTube Subscribers 

Every creator on YouTube wants to build an intimidating presence on the platform – why should you be any different? If you’re going to brand yourself successfully, you need to get tons of likes, comments, views and watch time on your videos as soon as humanly possible. Hence, nobody can judge you if you choose to buy YouTube subscribers. You have your reasons, so of which we will look into shortly.

  • Force an Action from Your Viewers 

YouTubers have to make peace with the fact that no matter how good of content they have produced, users won’t feel the need to like their video or subscribe to their channel. It is a basic human instinct to not be the first one to do anything. 

It won’t be far-fetched to say that most users in one corner of the brain have a superiority complex. They feel that if the content is worthy of their likes and comments, then others should have already done so in the first place. When you buy YouTube subscribers or comments from realsubscribers.com, you give the said users a much-needed push to interact with your video.

  • Authoritative Presence 

Social media users subconsciously look for cues to ride on the coattails of fellow users. Once you buy real YouTube subscribers from realsubscribers.com, your channel will be the host to hundreds of thousands of real users. Consequently, you immediately start to look more appealing than your fellow channel counterparts that fall on the lesser side of subscriber count.

  • Feel Motivated 

Even if you buy YouTube subscribers, you cannot help but feel motivated looking at the high numbers on your channel. You will subconsciously be willing to put in more effort and stay consistent in your video uploads. After all, you do not want your new followers to feel disappointed and questions their decision of associating with to your channel.


Buy YouTube Subscribers- 3 Best Sites 

  1. Realsubscribers.com 

This is considered the best place to buy real & high-quality YouTube subscribers. You can boost your online presence and boost video QoE to make your channel produce the credibility that it truly deserves. It is an SSL secured site that you can count on to give you the optimal results within a matter of a few hours. Their marketing strategists and experts craft the best strategies to promote your channel via organic methodologies like search engine optimization, social media optimization, promotion through bloggers & influencers and drives in your target audience to subscribe to your channel. 

  1. Growrealsubscribers.com

This legitimate and SSL secured service comes next to realsaubscribers.com because of its authenticity similar to it. You can also buy YouTube comments– the positive feedback or the biased response to boost your content’s reliability and engagement rate on your channel to promote its ranking further by the YouTube algorithm. The service guarantees fast delivery with non-drop/permanent or subscribers with lifetime guarantee. What a fruitful investment it is! 

  1. Growrealfollowers.com 

It is a trustworthy company built by digital marketing experts that helps channels grow through optimizing its ranking in SERPs of YouTube. The subscribers are increased organically from a network of real people, web partners and influencers on various social media platforms. 


How to Get More YouTube Subscribers Organically

We understand, buying YouTube subscribers cannot be everyone’s first choice. But if you still want to up your chances to get more YouTube subscribers, we have listed some methods that can help you achieve your target.

  • Create High-Quality Content 

I know I may be coming off as a broken record, but that doesn’t mean I am not right. YouTube is filled with sub-par content that you will find on many channels. Thus, the videos you create must be good enough to stand out from the crowd and impact your viewers.

Let’s look at how you can do just that.

  • Research Everything and Everyone 

Good ideas for your new content can come from your most formidable rivals. Look at the videos that your competitors are producing, and do not hesitate to expand your reach into other areas that run parallel with what you do. You will gain insights that will help you create high-performing content and make it superior to your creator counterparts within your niche.

  • Start With a Script 

When you have been in the game for a long time, you feel confident enough to go ahead and do what you do best without prior preparations. At times, this can work in your favour, whereas sometimes it won’t. 

It would help if you always led with a solid script in hand. Subject your text to constant revisions, replay scenarios inside your head, and repeat everything until you are left with something that can help you get your message across and make an impact. 

Many YouTubers take the process of scripting for granted – you shouldn’t. Writing a script is an art that can breathe life into your videos.

  • Invest In the Right Equipment 

It may come as a surprise, but the most essential equipment for a YouTube creator is astoundingly not the camera – I know, shocking, right. But why do I say this? – to answer this question, all you have to do is look at your phone. The camera that you hold in your hand is good enough to produce quality content.

Now, you need to invest in a tripod, Studio lights (if you do your shooting indoors), and a vibrant backdrop. Of course, we cannot leave a good video editing software out of the essentials list. 

Apart from the necessities, the video you create can also dictate additional tools such as props, microphones, etc.


  • Grab User Attention from the Start 

“Hello guys, welcome to my YouTube channel, please subscribe and do not forget to press the bell icon” – if this sounds anything like you, then your viewers will run away as soon as they start watching your video and your chances of acquiring real YouTube subscribers will plummet.

Instead of coming on as bland and uncool, start your video with a banger. Make it so good that your audience will find it increasingly difficult to hit that back button. 

For example, your viewers come to you because they have a problem – highlight the same at the beginning of your video.


  • Have a Solid Call to Action in Your Videos  

Compelling viewers to take action is a skill reserved by the most formidable marketers. If you are blessed with this, why not use it to get more people to subscribe to your channel or even watch more of your videos.

YouTube has provided content creators with many opportunities to make the best use of their call to action. What’s even more astonishing is that you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use YouTube’s in-built features like cards and end screen.

Let us understand each one at a time.

  • End screens 

As the name suggests, this feature makes it easier to include a call to action at the end of your video. With the end screen, you can direct your audience to a custom playlist or a different video. You can also guide people to an Off-page e-commerce store.

The end screen shows up in the last 25 seconds of your video, making the most of this limited time-space by getting people to convert on your goals.

  • Cards 

Maybe you don’t like to wait till the end of your video to ask your audience to do something – so let’s take the end screen out of the picture. There is an alternative for you.

Cards are another YouTube feature that is similar to the end screen. But this is capable of popping up more frequently and at any point in your video. You can find a perfect moment to direct viewers’ attention to an external URL, poll, video, or playlist. 

There are some things to remember about cards. 

  1. First, you can place a maximum 5 cards in one video.
  2. Secondly, the user has to press the (i) icon to expand the card.


We hope you found valuable insights from our article on “3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers”. Stay tuned for more updates from us.

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