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48th Anniversary Story Contest – Honorable Mention, Daydream by Rena Rosenbaum Cooper

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Honorable Mention, “Pier Plaza Reflections” by Finn Williams, 8. Hermosa Beach, October 2017. iphone.

Daydream by Rena Rosenbaum Cooper, 10

Lyin’ on the sand,

Starin’ off in the distance,

Local Offers

and not really lookin’.

Thinkin’ thoughts I don’t mean.  

It’s a daydream.

Lookin’ past a picture frame

and into a flock of birds.

Everything I wish to have,

like cotton candy cloud balls  

Floatin’ high up in the air,

Swashbucklin’ fights so it’s fair.

In love in my mind!

Flyin’ over the clouds

and right past Treasure Island.

Seeing things that make me sing,

It’s a daydream.

Sparkly wands, and dragon flame.

Captain Long John, Ogre’s game,

My ideas float in the air,

Let them hang up.

My daydream means much.

Like falling snowflakes,

Through a picture frame,

Everything belongs.

Nobody there to tell me what to do.

It’s a daydream,

Just bein’ me by bein’ me.

Imagining things that are obscure.

I’m not perfect, but I love to dream.

It’s a daydream.

Nobody there to tell me what to do.

More or less, it’s a daydream.



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