5 surprisingly simple ways to promote your music 

If you’re a musician looking for ways to promote your music, then look no further because, in this blog post, we will be sharing some of the most simple and effective tips for you to reach a wider audience. We’ll cover everything from using social media platforms to distributing your music to even partnering with other artists. There are just so many ways you can get your music to reach a wider audience. So if you’d like to reach more people with your artistic sound, keep reading and start promoting your music today. 

Use music promotion services

If you’re a musician who makes good music that you feel people need to hear, then you should consider using music promotion services to help your sound reach the masses. The best music promotion services include the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube,  Soundcloud, and Reverb Nation to name a few. Additionally, you can pay services to boost your music on these platforms organically which will help you expand your audience. Generally, music promotion services will offer digital marketing and all you need to do is focus on creating good-sounding music. There are many music promotion services available and you must be prepared to pay for these services. 

Share your music on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

These days, social media is the most effective tool at your disposal. Social media platforms allow you to effectively reach your target audience and grow massive followings easier than ever. As an artist, you can create an artist/ business account and use this as a tool to share your music. When you are about to release music, you can create a post-marketing that music and then use paid ads to help that post reach a wider audience. You can also post behind-the-scenes footage of the making of your music which will engage your audience and let them into our creative process. When you release music, you also have the option to distribute it onto social media platforms such as Instagram so whenever you post an Instagram story or Reel, you can attach the audio of your song. 

Upload your music to streaming services like Spotify and Apple music 

As a musician, you need to have your music on streaming platforms. Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most popular streaming platforms and enable your music to reach a wide local and international audience. To upload your music onto these streaming platforms, you need to first source a distributor such as DistroKid. You then pay a small yearly fee and that distributor will be responsible for uploading your music onto all streaming platforms. This is the best way to get your name and your music out there and reach a wider audience. Just ensure that your artist profiles on these streaming platforms are verified and personalized with a descriptive bio and relevant links to your social media platforms where applicable.

Collaborate with other artists and promote each other’s music 

These days many artists compete with one another and don’t want to work together for the common good. The truth is that you can reach a much wider audience when collaborating with other artists because you will have access to their audience too. This will introduce you to a new crowd and will allow people to become familiar with you by being linked to an artist that they support. When creative energy collaborates, something amazing can potentially happen so try and find dope musicians to collaborate with. 

Perform and local venues and festivals 

Part of the job description of a musician is to perform. Some hate it and others love it but regardless, it is something that needs to happen. Your listeners want to hear your music performed in a live venue and it is also a way to grow your audience and advertise yourself as an artist. Performing is a great way for people to capture your vibe and personality as an artist so you should look out for local festivals and venu


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