5 Ways of Training Your Writing Skills

Writing seems like such an easy thing to do until your professor leaves behind an essay assignment and you can’t seem to get the words to flow. Writing, unlike talking, requires you to follow a specific format and ensure you don’t get carried away and go off topic. As a college student in freshman year, you should take advantage of all the time you have to familiarize yourself with essay writing. Mastering impressive writing skills ensures you have an easy time transitioning from junior college years to your final year of study. Also, save up some money now while you don’t have so many academic responsibilities to ensure that when you need professional intervention you can afford to buy term papers online

Perhaps the reason why students don’t dedicate enough time to learning proper writing skills is because, for the most part, writing doesn’t seem important. It’s only when they’re in dire need of writing techniques that they realize it’s not something you can learn overnight and it’s an important skill to have in college. While the days when forks had to write letters to communicate are long gone, this does not mean that writing is redundant. And besides, you need proper writing skills to craft emails and write impactful captions on your social media posts. Writing plays an essential role in communication because it’s the second go to way to pass a message after speech. 

This means that even after you graduate from college, you’ll rely on your writing skills to communicate with employees, investors, suppliers and customers. The way you write reflects how you think and people will judge you from how you articulate your thoughts. Even if you’re a smart person, but haven’t invested in learning proper writing skills, not many people will take you seriously. You need to learn how to use words to persuade people that what you’re talking about is worth their time. 

And even though learning how to write well is no monkey business, if you remain disciplined and dedicated, you gradually get better at writing. Make sure you put in consistent effort and believe that you’re actually capable of writing well. 

Without further ado, let’s explore these five tricks you can use to train your writing.



  • Read and Analyze High-Quality Writing

Since your intention is to one day be able to pull off high-quality writing, you should interact with top tier writing as well to get a feel of it. This is an effective training method because it gets your brain accustomed to well-written literature. Find out from the internet, who are some of the best authors of all time and read their work. Be sure to pay attention to the genres of writing because you want to align the sample material with what you want to be good at. For instance, if you aspire to be the next Shakespeare, it’s only natural that you read and analyze his work.

Good writing is the kind of articulation that appeals to the intended audience. It needs to be work that has been professionally edited so you don’t pick up other author’s writing mistakes. That means you should explore publications made for public consumption like books, magazines and newspapers. 

  • Learn New Vocabulary Every Day 

Aside from exploring high-quality writing, you should also make a point to learn new vocabulary every day. An easy way to learn new words is to note down words you’ve never heard before when you’re reading. At the end of your reading session, use your dictionary to find out what these words mean. From there, make an effort to use these words when you’re writing in the right context so you don’t forget all about them.

  • Find a Writing Partner

The best way to boost the efficiency of your training is to find a writing partner who shares in your goals. You can keep each other accountable and learn new writing techniques from each other. What’s more, having another set of eyes looking at your work makes it easy to identify and rectify writing errors.

  • Take a Free Writing Course Online

Aside from using paper writing websites to complete essay assignments you find difficult, you should also leverage the internet for the free writing courses. Sign up for a program you feel you can complete and learn how to write at your own pace.

Online courses are an excellent way of working on new crafts because they provide you with all the information you need to fill your knowledge gap.

  • Learn How to Identify Bad Writing

Lastly, strive to learn how to identify bad writing; start by analyzing other people’s work, and then over time, you can start critiquing your own work.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been struggling to write college essays, this guide will help you sharpen your writing skills. Make sure you pay attention to your unique needs and stay consistent with the training. 



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