6 Trends for Rapid SaaS Business Development

We always emphasize how important it is to keep up to date with modern trends and approaches. In a rapidly growing IT industry, this is one of the tried and tested ways to keep your head above the water. Implementing the hottest trends in your processes, you get a chance to leave the competitors far behind and increase your revenue.

Trying to reach and keep leading positions in the SaaS industry, you may devote much time to business development tasks. As a result, you cannot pay enough attention to modern trends in a particular field. Fortunately, you have come to the right place: today, we are going to explain why it is so important to follow the trends and what top 6 SaaS development trends you should follow to build an outstanding company. Let’s go!

Why do you need this?

For those who are not big fans of trends and cutting-edge approaches, we are going to explain why they are so important for any business:

Trends give you a chance to offer more

SaaS products fit well the needs of any business. Small, medium and large companies opt for powerful SaaS solutions; each of them keeps a hand of a pulse of the industry and looks for unique offers. Being fully aware of what’s going on in the market, you get an opportunity to offer your former and potential users more useful features and more opportunities as well as cater to more needs.

Trends help to be aware of potential users’ demands

As we have mentioned above, businesses always look for more advanced products. Keeping an eye on modern trends, you get detailed information about what companies look for in 2019. For example, a few lines below, we’ll discuss the mobile SaaS products trend. What do you get with a fact that users prefer mobile experience? You get a vision and real proofs that you need to focus on SaaS mobile app design; it helps you to build a better-looking UI/UX design and acquire even more customers! 

Trends may become your advantages

Due to intense competition in the SaaS market, it takes much time and efforts to demonstrate your uniqueness and prove you are better than anyone else. Following the latest trends, you emphasize your difference and implement the most useful tips before anyone else starts doing this.

6 trends to follow to build a viable SaaS product

Now, it is time to dive into 6 cutting-edge trends in SaaS development and decide which one to implement in your app:

  1. Mobile approach

You may be surprised but people spend more than 1/6 of their life staring in their smartphones’ screen. Mankind likes mobile experience; specialists worldwide keep working on its improvement. And mobile galaxy creates an enormous number of opportunities for business owners.

If only you build a SaaS app that attracts several percents of user’s attention, you can get a big piece of a pie. Keep in mind, though, that your app should be powered with:

  • Nice convenient features;
  • Intuitive design;
  • A/B testing to find out what users prefer.

Besides, it needs to be cross-browser and run smoothly on any platform.

2. Decentralization and Blockchain

Decentralized databases and particularly Blockchain can take place not only in bitcoin-connected topics discussions. This is so much more. These technologies find the application in numerous fields and industries, and SaaS is one of them.

Decentralized products have the potential to bring more transparency to the SaaS world, as well as make data theft nearly impossible. One of the impressive examples is Leonardo tool launched by SAP. It allows implementing the principles of decentralization in any SaaS app.

3. AI and its potential

Since the 1950s, Artificial Intelligence belongs to the topmost discussed topics in the IT world. Developing an intelligence that mimicries human mind and its analytical features is a great step forward; however, both positive and negative predictions were mentioned in media recently.

The simplest example is Siri AI which Apple devices are powered with. Talking about SaaS products, we can mention Salesforce Einstein. This AI solution provides an opportunity to build more intelligent and stronger products, make predictions about the project’s development and users’ preferences, augment the company’s capabilities etc.  

4. User’s payment

The subscription-based model is one of the most commonly used ones among SaaS businesses. Unfortunately, for most of the users, it presents one serious disadvantage. Customers prefer paying for products and services they really use; thus, we expect the global migration to another payment model.

Pay-per-use may be the best option. You can augment it with other models to reach better results. First of all, before implementing changes, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your customers are ready to use a new model;
  • Devote some time to business analysis, keep an eye on metrics and make sure this payment model fits your needs;
  • Employ a PPU model if you already have an established customer base; it may be hard to notice its benefits if you have just started your company. 

5. Brand upgrade

Don’t underestimate the power of a brand. A recognizable brand has the ability to lead potential customers directly to your website. The more time, resources, energy and brainstorming you invest in your brand, the more profit you can make with its help.

If you notice that active SMM and advertising campaigns don’t bring as many customers as you expect, you probably should think about re-branding. Everything from slogan and logo to a professional customer service team is the components of your brand. Partnership with local bloggers may contribute to success, too. 

Human resources first

Together with Clockwise Software professionals, we defined another significant trend. 

Building a gorgeous SaaS solution, don’t forget about those who contribute to your business success. In the IT world, where AI, chatbots and AR tools steal the show, human resources should remain a priority.

Your team makes your ambitions and plans come true. Your team devotes time and skills to your business. So keep in mind that human relations are the trend that never changes.

In conclusion

To sum up, we’d like to highlight the hottest SaaS trends for your business improvement in 2019:

  • Seamless mobile experience;
  • AI technologies implementation;
  • Decentralization;
  • Pay-per-use payment mode;
  • Brand development;
  • Human resources and human relations.

Follow them to take your business to another level in a local market.



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