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The First California Cuisine with Richard Foss

By Judy Rae / May 28, 2019
When: June 1, 2019 @ 1:30 pm
Where: Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum, 18127 Alameda St, Compton, CA 90220, USA
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Food writer Richard Foss brings ‘Food in the Air and Space’ down to earth

By Kevin Cody / January 19, 2015

Bad airline food is not entirely the airlines’ fault. It’s also the fault of human nature and human physiology, according to Richard Foss, author of the recently published Food in the Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food and Drink in the Skies.

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Richard Foss

This’ll Warm Us Up: Drinking Rum With Richard Foss

By Bondo Wyszpolski / May 3, 2012

Richard Foss wanted to write a book about pickles. But the editor of The Edible Series, which is published by Reaktion Books in Britain, countered that proposal with one of his own: How about rum? Foss, who is known around these parts as a gourmet and a hale fellow whose previous incarnations included being the…

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South Bay Community Calendar 4-4-19

By Judy Rae / April 4, 2019

Richard Foss speaks, PV Neighbors Club, Help STOP Human Trafficking, challah, Ocean STEM

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Strand House: a meal to remember [RESTAURANT REVIEW]

By Richard Foss / March 28, 2012

“The Strand House is an extraordinary experience in every way – food, service, and setting,” writes food critic Richard Foss.

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Addi’s authentic southern cooking

By Mark McDermott / April 1, 2010

Addi’s Tandoor celebrates the culinary tradition of southern India. Restaurant critic Richard Foss samples the restaurant’s beef vindaloo, “chillie mushroom,” prawns Kanyakumari, and bhindi dopiaza (okra with onions, tomatoes, cumin, and dried mango) and leaves dreaming of Indian voyages of long ago.

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Improvising at the Lighthouse

By Richard Foss / May 1, 2021

As I sat at an outdoor table at The Lighthouse, I suddenly felt old. Fifty years before, I was a high school kid who rode my bicycle to hang around in the rear parking lot and hear the music that poured out of the place. I didn’t understand much of it, but the unpredictable time…

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Homie evolves, Mexican empire builder, remodeling blues, and Rosecrans after the Arclight

By Richard Foss / April 21, 2021

Betting on Hermosa: Unless you spend much time in Torrance or Harbor City, you probably haven’t heard of Tacos El Goloso. That mini-chain just doubled in size with an unusual strategy – they will now have two locations in Hermosa Beach. One is on PCH next to Baran’s 2239, the other the Amigo’s Tacos on…

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Elegant simplicity at Nando Trattoria, Manhattan Beach

By Richard Foss / April 14, 2021

About 50 years ago, upscale restaurant Chez Panisse shocked diners by serving a peach for dessert. Not a peach cobbler, shortcake, galette, or pudding, just a piece of fruit on a plate, with a knife next to it. It was symbolic of how they wanted diners to focus on the simple and natural. When you…

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The same, but different [restaurant review]

By Richard Foss / April 8, 2021

In 1976, someone asked Paul McCartney whether the Beatles would ever get back together. He responded, “You can’t reheat a souffle.” That quote has been repeated many times as an example of the futility of resurrecting creative enterprises, and the most amusing thing about it is that it’s wrong. Sir Paul is a great entertainer…

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Hipster takeout cafe arrives, a chef departs, Mama D’s returns to MB, and more dining news

By Richard Foss / April 7, 2021

You can see the wave coming, a cascade of new eateries on the way as restrictions on customer occupancy loosen. They’re making the bet that however fragile the recovery is, however restricted the seating, it’s time to fire up the stoves and build a clientele. This may not immediately make economic sense, but starting the…

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From Decadence to excellence [restaurant review]

By Richard Foss / March 31, 2021

Names matter. They set expectations, telling you with varying degrees of subtlety what clientele a business owner wishes to attract. Changing them is no small matter – it’s more than hoisting a new sign. So what is a business to do when their concept shifts, or they want to appeal to a different demographic? In…

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Learning Table Manners [restaurant review]

By Richard Foss / March 30, 2021

I’m going to start this article by stating a fact: any review of Table Manners that is written for a local audience will include a comparison with the former establishment in the location. This isn’t fair, but is inevitable. It is reflected in the emails that I have received from readers who emailed me either…

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Short and sweet and spicy

By Richard Foss / March 18, 2021

As much as I like variety, sometimes I’m happy to see a restaurant with a short, well defined menu. It signals confidence, essentially saying, “We don’t serve much, but we’ll bet you’ll like what we offer enough to come back for it.” It’s a strategy reminiscent of the days when a culturally conservative population valued…

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High standards, not high concept

By Richard Foss / March 10, 2021

Some restaurant concepts are easy to describe because they’re gimmicks. If, for instance, you plan to offer flavors from around the world in tacos and change the whole menu weekly, you have an easily comprehensible though dubious strategy. If brilliantly executed it could develop a following, but it risks being a place people visit once…

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Malibu Eatery’s fishy claim

By Richard Foss / March 4, 2021

“Great boasts deserve great scrutiny,” said someone wise. I’m not sure who that was, because I overheard someone attributing the saying to an obscure Victorian author without saying which one. Pithy wisdom may be valued regardless of the source, and this maxim is equally useful for political assertions and restaurant menus. That maxim was what…

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