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The First California Cuisine with Richard Foss

By Judy Rae / May 28, 2019
When: June 1, 2019 @ 1:30 pm
Where: Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum, 18127 Alameda St, Compton, CA 90220, USA
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Food writer Richard Foss brings ‘Food in the Air and Space’ down to earth

By Kevin Cody / January 19, 2015

Bad airline food is not entirely the airlines’ fault. It’s also the fault of human nature and human physiology, according to Richard Foss, author of the recently published Food in the Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food and Drink in the Skies.

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This’ll Warm Us Up: Drinking Rum With Richard Foss

By Bondo Wyszpolski / May 3, 2012

Richard Foss wanted to write a book about pickles. But the editor of The Edible Series, which is published by Reaktion Books in Britain, countered that proposal with one of his own: How about rum? Foss, who is known around these parts as a gourmet and a hale fellow whose previous incarnations included being the…

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South Bay Community Calendar 4-4-19

By Judy Rae / April 4, 2019

Richard Foss speaks, PV Neighbors Club, Help STOP Human Trafficking, challah, Ocean STEM

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Strand House: a meal to remember [RESTAURANT REVIEW]

By Richard Foss / March 28, 2012

“The Strand House is an extraordinary experience in every way – food, service, and setting,” writes food critic Richard Foss.

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Addi’s authentic southern cooking

By Mark McDermott / April 1, 2010

Addi’s Tandoor celebrates the culinary tradition of southern India. Restaurant critic Richard Foss samples the restaurant’s beef vindaloo, “chillie mushroom,” prawns Kanyakumari, and bhindi dopiaza (okra with onions, tomatoes, cumin, and dried mango) and leaves dreaming of Indian voyages of long ago.

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Practice makes perfect

By Richard Foss / May 16, 2023

Sometimes I hear from someone who mentions a place that just opened and asks why I haven’t reviewed it yet. Do I want to let some other publication beat me to the story? They’re often surprised when I respond that I’m not concerned about this possibility. Any restaurant is likely to have problems when they…

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A little South American, a lot Brazilian, on the Hermosa Pier Plaza

By Richard Foss / April 30, 2023

A well-established brand is a cherished thing in any industry, something usually tinkered with only when someone else files a claim that they had it first, or when bad publicity makes it no longer an asset. There are exceptions, and they’re usually when a company changes some aspect of their business so that the old…

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Three decades of pizza on Pacific Coast Highway, Brooklyn Brick Oven Pizza

By Richard Foss / April 26, 2023

Brooklyn Brick Oven consistently delivers New York flavor. Want to argue? Fuhgettaboutit  by Richard Foss I had to try some pizza on my first visit to New York, and did so with low expectations. Expat Manhattanites like to brag about how good it is, but there seems to be an element of ritual about it.…

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Small room, giant sounds at Collage, San Pedro

By Garrick Rawlings / April 14, 2023

by Garrick Rawlings “We opened in 2020 with Victor Krummenacher (co-founder of Camper Van Beethoven) and (composer/multi instrumentalist) Eugene Chadbourne. It was utterly fantastic. We were really off to a running start. Two days later the pandemic shut down everything,” Richard Foss said of Collage: A Place For Arts and Culture, an imaginative performance venue…

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Chinese American classics from another era

By Richard Foss / April 8, 2023

by Richard Foss The Chinese takeout container with its stylized pagoda on the side has been a symbol of fast food since shortly after that term was invented in the 1950’s. Some people have an almost Pavlovian reaction to seeing them thanks to so many childhood meals that began by opening those paper boxes to…

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A delight, but not ready for prime time

By Richard Foss / April 2, 2023

Thai cuisine was once regarded as unlikely to succeed in America because it was too spicy, too sour, too strange to American tastes. The breakthrough came because a rock band promoter named Tommy Tang opened a restaurant that not only softened the more assertive flavors, but had a menu that carefully described the unfamiliar items.…

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Two slices of bread with ideas between them

By Richard Foss / March 30, 2023

History books say that the idea of putting meat between slices of bread was invented by an inveterate gambler sometime in the 1770s. John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich (and yes, there is a town in England called Sandwich) was a talented civil servant, patron of music and sports, and also a member of the notoriously…

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Variations on a culinary theme

By Richard Foss / March 3, 2023

I was in a restaurant where the menu lists signature dishes, and it caused me to think about what my actual signature looks like. This is a distinctive scrawl that inspired my wife to remark that it always looks like I happened to have a pen in my hand during an earthquake. On the bright…

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The future is now for California Japanese

By Richard Foss / February 23, 2023

It has been 40 years since the movie Blade Runner and the cyberpunk movement in literature depicted a future world in which Asian, particularly Japanese, culture blended with a future high-tech California. It was a chaotic, visually fascinating place where billboards writhed and morphed, strange electronic music pulsated, and food was elegantly presented but almost…

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Top 10 in 2022 – All cuisines, all prices, all different  

By Richard Foss / February 9, 2023

2022 was a year of extraordinary diversity in the dining scene  by Richard Foss Sometimes I look at previous columns about the best restaurants of a particular year to analyze patterns. The year of Italian restaurants was followed by the march of sushi and ramen joints, and another year the sound of burgers flipping was…

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