Advantages and Disadvantages of QuickBooks Hosting

What Is QuickBooks Hosting?

QuickBooks Hosting enables you to save your software and data files on third-party cloud servers. This indicates that you can get access to your QuickBooks software and all the stored files and data from any place and anytime. QuickBooks hosting enables you to use the software without mobility restrictions.


Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting:

Access Anywhere

For several SME owners, this is the USP of QuickBooks hosting. You do not have to worry about being bound to a single computer. QuickBooks Hosting enable you to have access to your software with your tablet or smartphone. QuickBooks hosting provides you remote access, so you can effortlessly open your Windows-based software on your other devices and computers.


Increased Collaboration

The mobility granted by QuickBooks hosting is also essential for companies that have several QuickBooks users. You do not need to have QuickBooks on various devices, and users are not restricted in the way of accessing the software. This enables many users to access the software from any place at the same time.


Data Security

Plenty of sensitive data and information is stored in your accounting software. To avoid loss of data, you might save valuable data and reports on the computer. But what if your laptop or computer gets misplaced or destroyed. From disasters to hackers, it is important to safeguard your sensitive data. With QuickBooks hosting, many protection and security steps are taken to assure that only you and the people you select have access to your data.


Reduces IT Expenses

Some companies choose to have their separate servers for hosting QuickBooks. This can get costly when you combine the setup expenses, maintenance charges, and other costs. Using a remote server by QuickBooks hosting can be less costly than owning an onsite server. You can also increase your efficiency with the help of a Virtual Desktop Cloud.


Disadvantages of QuickBooks Hosting:

Expenses of Hosting

QuickBooks hosting is quite costly. While the mobility granted by QuickBooks Hosting may be priceless for some companies, but for the rest, it can be an additional cost that causes financial pressure on the business. Hence, analyze the requirements of your company to decide if the suitability and advantages exceed the expenses.


Internet Outages and Reliability

In scenarios when you need immediate access to QuickBooks, but the server is malfunctioning. Or when your internet is inactive or not working. In such cases, you will not be able to get access to QuickBooks, which can be a serious difficulty. Yet, Authorized Hosting Providers have the assurance of high uptimes, so server problems are unusual. Having steady internet with high speed can also avoid problems.


UI Problems

You might have some troubles and difficulties when using QuickBooks remotely, like with your smartphone. QuickBooks Desktop is not optimized to be used on your smartphone, but eventually, you should get used to things instantly also while having access to most of QuickBooks Desktop’s excellent characteristics.


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