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America’s Love For Bingo

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As bingo continues its remarkable resurgence across the globe, players everywhere are heading online to enjoy all kinds of variations of the classic game.

From speed bingo to classic 90-ball bingo, there seems to be no limit to the joys of this game!

One of the places where bingo continues to be the most popular is in the United States of America. As we shall see, this is the nation in which the game originated, like so many other things that we all know and love today.

In this article, we will take a closer look at America’s love for bingo, from the history of the game in the good ol’ USA to the current situation.

Let’s get going with a look at the deepest origins of the game of bingo.

The American origins of bingo

Bingo can be traced back to Italian lottery games played during the renaissance period. There are also similarities between a game played by French nobility in the 18th century, yet the bingo game that we all know and love today is very much an American invention.

As with so many great American creations, bingo was spawned by an entrepreneur. This particular one was named Edwin Lowe, who took the bingo from a game dubbed ‘beano’ that he saw being enjoyed at a fair back in the ‘20s. In reality, we all have Lowe to thank for today’s amazing online bingo offerings!

So, first, why beano? Well, the game was so-called because the numbers were dubbed on beans rather than balls (this was the 1920s after all!). Similar to the style enjoyed back in France during the 1700s, this pursuit was popular at fairgrounds across the US and you were the victor if you snagged a vertical line or even a horizontal or a diagonal one too!

One day, Lowe traveled to a local fairground and saw how much people loved playing this game. As the boss of a toy company that wasn’t doing so well, Lowe decided to adapt beano and test it on his pals at home. Of course, they loved playing it and when one accidentally shouted out ‘bingo!’ when they hit a winning line, he knew that he was onto something! 

In 1934, Lowe rolled the game out in boxes, much like the board games we play today. It was an instant hit, with the newly named ‘bingo’ providing parties and get-togethers across the nation a focal point that caused no shortage of excitement. Indeed, it is thought that in just a few years, half a million separate games of bingo were being enjoyed across the States every single year.

Bingo in America today

In the United States today, bingo remains a hugely popular pastime both online and in halls across the nation. In particular, bingo sites with bonus offerings have proved extremely profitable in America thanks to their unique ability to offer players more bang for their buck!

All of these years later, Americans still adore playing bingo just as they did when the game was first launched almost a century ago!


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