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Around & About April 2018

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Ek Kardia Serving the Community

The 2018 high school senior class members of Ek Kardia were recently honored for their service to the South Bay. Ek Kardia, which means “from the heart” in Greek, is a faith-based mother-daughter service organization designed to foster a lifelong practice of giving from the heart.

(Front row) Natalie Watts, Leah Heffernan and Emma Wendorff. (Middle row) Hayley Zakman, Megan Colaruotolo, Rebecca Schubert, Angelina Norris, Kara Lee, Kaitlyn Tang, Karly Galosic, Eliza Steere, Amanda Houtz and Claire Malit. (Back row) Nicole Yee, Nicole Vogel, Christina Vogelzang, Christine Miller, Elise Hall, Camille Fechner, Alyssa Yeh and Rachel Hood.

Trojan League South Bay

Fun Times and the “Fight On” spirit were shared at the Trojan League of the South Bay Luncheon at the Palos Verdes Golf Club. Celebrating their 44 year anniversary as well as their two-term past presidents who have contributed their time and resources so generously. Eighteen of the twenty-two presidents were in attendance including four of the charter members: Sigrid Allman, Jea Baran, Donna Gibbs, and Regina Leimbach. They reminisced how times have changed before email, technology and Facebook.  But what has not changed is their life-long friendships and support of their alma mater… USC!

Front Row-Sara Jane Bettge, Pam Bowers, Jody Murdock, Alice Remp, Jea Baran, Suzanne Krapf and Regina Leimbach.
Back Row-Melody Nishida, Dale Harbour-Day, Nancy Lovell, Paula Hawkins, Julie Haynes, Sigrid Allman, Kathie Chapman, Donna Gibbs, Beth Petak-Aaron, Helaine Lopes and Patti Johnson.



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