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Beach Cities Ballot 2020: 6 Elections, 23 Candidates, 11 Open Seats

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Manhattan Beach City Council candidates Chaz Flemmings and Phoebe Lyons and Manhattan Beach School Board candidate Jason Boxer. Photo by Jess Lee Cederblom (@JLCederblomPhotos)

Manhattan Beach City Council: 7 candidates, 3 seats

Burton cites readiness for job






Flemmings would diversify Manhattan Beach







Fournell plotting the critical path





Franklin would protect those Manhattan Beach ‘moments’






Lyons is young, inspired, ready to lead 






Montgomery is experienced in crisis






Napolitano big on small town






Manhattan Beach Unified School District: 4 candidates, 2 seats

Boxer an education advocate 







Brunick, a problem solver, comes home







de Roos would bring MBA to board






Graves ready to hit the ground running





Beach Cities Health District: 5 candidates, 3 seats


Chatterji brings business, yoga experience to health district seat






Diehl on board for continuity






Komatinsky would bring school board experience to health district board






Koo, a psychiatrist, emphasizes listening






Poster no child when it comes to health programs for youths, seniors






El Camino College District 3: 2 candidates, 1 seat

Murakawa would bring public sector experience to El Camino College Board






Collado Boutte’s pursuit of El Camino College Trustee seat has sense of inevitability





West Basin District 3: 3 candidates, 1 seat

Carol Kwan, incumbent






Desi Alvarez, water engineer






Douglas Solomon, financial transparency advocate




Water Replenishment District 2

Rob Katherman, incumbent






George Uraguchi, challenger



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