Best 5 Playtech Online Slots

The combination of tradition and innovation — this is what makes Playtech slot machines incredibly popular among gamblers from around the globe. No matter if you are seeking a classic slot machine or a revolutionary gaming emulator, you can be sure that Playtech has something special for you to offer. Finding the very best slot machines by Playtech is no easy task given the wide range of games the company has developed. However, the below best Playtech slots have been rated high by gamblers. They will provide you with exciting gameplay that can be extremely profitable if you stick to proper bankroll management. So keep reading to know how many slots does Playtech offer and pick your best game.


Games That Deserve Your Attention


The Playtech company is well known in the gambling arena. Indeed, this manufacturer has created slot machines that are now considered to be real masterpieces. The games Playtech developed can be found in almost any online casino. 

How many slots does Playtech have? This number exceeds 500. Of course, from the multitude of options, it can be quite difficult to select a good gaming emulator to play free Playtech slots. For you not to feel lost, we picked the top 5 best slot machines that you should definitely give a try. For more detailed information about particular Playtech slots, you can go to Casinority and read the most detailed reviews of all Playtech casinos.


#1 – Iron man


This slot will win the hearts of everyone who likes movies and comics about superheroes. In the game, you have to play as Iron Man and save the Earth. The slot has simple controls and a colorful design. In addition, it is often recommended for beginners because there is a fairly high chance of winning. It is worth noting that many online Playtech casinos give a bonus to all players who really love to play Playtech online slots. They allow you to increase the balance on the site several times. By launching this slot machine, you can easily earn at least one of these bonuses.


#2 – Alchemist


If you have always dreamed of finding yourself in a magical land and practicing magic, then you should definitely try this slot. You will find yourself in a real alchemical laboratory filled with mysterious flasks, retorts, and ingredients. There are only three slot machines in this game; however, you will still see a variety of themed symbols. The main goal of a player is to create precious metals from ordinary substances. You can easily figure out how to operate this machine and have extra credits added to your gaming wallet. This is what makes the list of all Playtech slots so special. 


#3 – Egypt treasures


Probably everyone would like to go to the excavations of the pyramids and try their luck in finding the treasures hidden by the Egyptians. This slot from Playtech provides such an opportunity. You have to go down to the very heart of the tombs of the pharaohs. On the reels of this slot, you will see various hieroglyphs, images of scarabs, and much more. There are also special symbols that allow you to get several non-patched reel spins. You can also count on the symbols that will increase your winnings.


#4 – A night out


There are some slots that should definitely be on your must-play Playtech slots list, and A Night Out is one of them. The payout percentage of the game that you can count on is 97.06%, which means that gamblers have a lot of chances to get a cash prize and a lot of pleasure from this fun game.


#5 – X-Men


Are you a fan of fiction? Do you find the X-Men movie entertaining? Then you will probably have the same good experience when you try the Playtech X-Men slot for the first time. This game should be played not only because of the great theme and unique graphics but also because of the payout percentage. The latter reaches 97.02% and promises lots of money in the long run.


Other Cool Playtech Slots


Apart from the Playtech casino slots mentioned above, there are several other Playtech slot games worthy of special mention. For example, there are a number of games based on different movies, such as the Rocky slot machine, which features clips from several Rocky films. You can also play the Kong slot — the game based on the recent remake of King Kong. If you are into sports, then games like the Top Trumps series feature some of the world’s best soccer stars, while the Deal or No Deal World slot machine uses game mechanics drawn straight from the popular game show. It is up to you what game to play.


Playtech is known to even create games for different feasts or other special occasions like Easter Surprise and Santa Surprise. While these games usually don’t have the crisp graphics or a lot of special features you find in more polished slots, they tend to be adorable, colorful, and a lot of fun to play, even for free.


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