Best of the Beach 2017, Best Local Underage Band: 11Echo

While most teenage bands break-up before they play their first live note, the South Bay’s 11Echo, formed from a group of musical prodigies taught at the Coast Music Conservatory in Hermosa Beach, have won their third consecutive Best Underage Band BOB since forming in 2015. Band members are the jazzy vocalist Kira Levin, Wes Montgomery-inspired lead guitarist  Ben Hara, 88 keys pusher Cole Riddle, who was born on a diet of rock, straight ahead jazz, soul, funk, and fusion jazz, jazz bassist Max Rhode and back beat provider Justin Lin. 11Echo plays their take on popular classic rock, funk, R&B, and pop tunes and has performed at the Lighthouse, Suzy’s and countless festivals.

Local Underage Band




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