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Best of the Beach 2017: Martial Arts – Elite Training Center

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Elite Training Center is founded on the four principals of Respect, Honor, Discipline and Strength, while teaching adult and youth mixed martial arts, LOTAR (close quarter battle techniques), Krav Maga (self defense), Muy Thai kickboxing, Kali/Silat/Eskrima (Filipino open hand and stick fighting).

Locations in Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach are overseen by chief Instructor Brian Rauchbach who has 16 years of operational experience in professional security contracting.

“We have a strong sense of community with students, friends and family,” said Andres Karo, the lead instructor at the Hermosa Beach studio. “Our willingness to work with everyone from law enforcement and military to first timers while providing quality information combined with a good workout brings our clients back.”

Although boxing has always been popular as a contact combat sport, in recent years other disciplines have attracted people of all ages and skill levels to the world of martial arts.

“The increased tension around the world with threats on a day-to-day basis have led more people, particularly females, to learn martial arts,” Karo said. “We incorporate role play scenarios to work on conflict resolution.”


Elite Training Center

628 South Pacific Coast Hwy.

Redondo Beach.

(310) 543-1600.

1601 Pacific Coast Hwy.

Hermosa Beach.

(310) 912-3088.



Runner Up: Nono’s One on One Hapkido,

131 Pier Avenue,

Hermosa Beach.

(310) 372-4253est


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