Betting Odds, Picks & Predictions Beginner’s Guide – It’s No Quantum Physics 

If you’re on the verge of taking up sports betting for the first time, you must have a couple of unanswered questions. For example, you must be wondering how reading betting odds work, what the over-under betting strategy includes, and some of the best ways to improve your betting skills.

Below, you’ll find all the answers you need. We’ll go through the three basic types of sports betting strategies so that you can bet on NBA, NCAAB, soccer, NHL, NFL, and NCAAF with more polished skills and better betting knowledge.             

The top three types of online betting strategies         

Here’s a list of the three top types of online betting strategies (betting odds) to differentiate one from the other and use the best one when placing your next sports bet. The over-under odds, Moneyline odds, and the Runline odds work as follows:

  1. The over-under odds (the total)  

When you decide to use the over-under wagering strategy in any sports betting, you have to predict whether the sum of the scores accomplished by both teams will go over or under a particular number. The number which is set and compared to which you have to predict whether the sum of scores will go above or under is called the “total.” Whichever the total number is, you can bet on a number either higher or lower than the total. 

  1. The Moneyline odds 

Let’s take a game with low scores as an example – a football match with scores of 2:1. The Moneyline odds in such a case would be the point spread. As a wager, you have to predict which team will be victorious in that match to win your bet. Predicting which team will accomplish more runs isn’t enough; you have to guess who will be the winner and the underdog. In front of your favorite, you should place a negative mark, and in front of the underdog team, you should place a positive mark.    

  1. The Runline odds  

Combining the Moneyline odds and the point spread creates the hybrid called Runline odds. If you want to win a bet through Runline odds, the team you bet on as the winning team has to win the match with a lead of two runs (minimum) or more. You should place a negative mark in front of the team you expect to be the winning one and a positive value in front of the team you expect to lose (the underdog team). 


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