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Bicyclist hospitalized after morning crash in Redondo Beach

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A bike accident occured early Friday morning at the intersection of N. Catalina Ave and Carnelian Street. Photo by Chelsea Sektnan

A bike accident occured early Friday morning at the intersection of N. Catalina Ave and Carnelian Street. A piece of the bike was placed near the intersection by authorities. Photo by Chelsea Sektnan

Paramedics rushed a bicyclist to the hospital Friday morning with a severe head injury and multiple broken bones after the bicyclist collided with a car at 300 North Catalina Ave., authorities said.

The male bicyclist, in his mid 40s, was headed northbound on North Catalina Avenue around 7:55 a.m. when a southbound car turned left on Carnelian Street, Sgt. Dave Christian said. The driver was a woman in her 40s or 50s, Christian added.

“The bike hit the passenger side of the car,” Christian said. “We’re not sure who’s at fault.”

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Redondo Beach paramedics and the fire department, which responded immediately because of the seriousness of his injuries, transported the bicyclist to Harbor General. His medical condition was not immediately known.

“It’s bad luck with bicyclists with head injuries—we have to take it seriously. You never know the severity,” said Christian. “When I got here they were treating him quickly. The bike was broken into three or four pieces.”

The bicyclist was wearing a helmet, but Christian said that it didn’t do much to help because the bicyclist was traveling at a high rate of speed.

Photo by Chelsea Sektnan

Chalk marks the place where the bicycle accident occured early Friday morning. Photo by Chelsea Sektnan

“It may help at small speeds when you get a bump on the head, but not as much in a collision,” Christian said.

Christian identified the car as a Nissan. The intersection where the accident occurred was cleaned up and open to traffic around 11 a.m.

“The [racing] bike is strong and rigid, but brittle,” said Christian. “When it hit the car it basically collapsed in on itself… At least [the bicyclist] is alive.”


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