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Kevin Nealon on the South Bay, kindergarten, the banjo, and his posture

Comedian Kevin Nealon, a South Bay native, talks to Comedy Corner before his two-night stand at the Comedy and Magic Club this weekend.

 Kevin Cody

Humpback whales: Motivational leapers

by Carolyn Kraft  If you have been feeling down or have lost touch with the fun side of life, then it’s time to purchase a ticket to see the famous motivational speakers, I mean the famous motivational leapers – the humpback whales. They are the ocean’s merriment masters, thrill seekers and acrobatic all-stars. Humpback whales […]

 Kevin Cody

Harbor lights: Seaside Ice Meltdown

by Harry Munns

Redondo councilman Pat Aust swears he isn’t saying, “I told you so,” when he reminds his fellow councilmen he voted against Seaside Ice, but he could if he wanted to. Back in 2008 when the city began considering a proposal to operate a holiday-season ice skating rink at Seaside Lagoon, Aust didn’t believe it was in the city’s best interest.

 Kevin Cody

Comedy Corner: Kevin Nealon, banjo player

Andrew: You are a South Bay native. What’s the best and worst part of the South Bay?

Kevin: The worst part of the South Bay is parking and trying to get home during rush hour traffic. The best part is it’s a great community away from Los Angeles and the sunsets… while completely tanked.

 Kevin Cody

Barfly: Lunada Bay House, Tin Roof wine tastings

Tonight, Thursday, June 10, if you need a break from Laker madness – can they stretch these games out any farther? – head over to the new Lunada BayHouse Restaurant, PVE from the owners of Lou E Luey’s and Delzano’s, RB for a Justin Vineyards & Winery Wine Dinner from 5-11 p.m.

 Kevin Cody

Bronx: Fresh versus fast

At Genesis Park Community Garden here in the South Bronx, the summer vegetables — tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, okra, collards, beans, cucumbers, melons — are growing lustily in the hot weather, shading the early-spring plantings of lettuces, spinach, radishes, and cilantro, which the gardeners are now harvesting. The cool-weather crops of peas, broccoli, and carrots will be ready soon.

 Kevin Cody

Harbor lights: Boaters’ voice

Title 2. Chapter 9. Article 7. of the Redondo Beach city charter has a simple title, Harbor Commission (HC). The commission was created by Ordinance No. 2327 adopted on March 15, 1982.
As is the case with all city commissions, the mayor appoints citizens to serve. Membership qualifications are more specific than the commission’s tasks. The municipal code defines 15 specific criteria for serving on the HC, including a number of professional qualifications such as an attorney, a civil engineer and a real estate broker.

 Kevin Cody

Pigheaded oil companies

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