Kevin Cody

South Bronx to South Bay: Not enough dots

Damn it. Just when I was ready to book my winter getaway, some blockhead with a bomb in his boxers tries to blow up a plane.

 Kevin Cody

Letters January 14, 2009

Save Sand Dune Park Dear ER: On Tuesday, January 19, the Manhattan Beach City Council will decide the fate of the Sand Dune. As operator of the SandDunePark.com website, I have received literally hundreds of emails in support of keeping the Sand Dune open for recreational purposes. Perhaps most surprising, I have been heartened to […]

 Kevin Cody

Wild things: The Snowy Plover

Western snowy plovers or Charadrius alexandrines nivosus are cute little birds that inhabit prime waterfront property along California’s coast and inland water bodies. Weighing just one to two ounces and reaching six and a half inches in length, snowy plovers are designed to blend in with their environment. Their back feathers are a sandy brown and the stomach feathers are fluffy white. This color scheme is accentuated by a stout black bill, dark grey legs, black eyes and a white ring around the neck.

 Kevin Cody

Matt Wuerker

 Easy Reader Staff

Harbor Page: Harbor Mistress Leslie Page

Business owners often say there’s nothing more valuable than loyal, reliable employees. So when Mar Venture, Inc. sold the Redondo Beach Marina’s (RBM) leasehold to Decron Corp. in 2008, the transaction documents should have listed Leslie Page far above the standard restaurant sub-leases and golf carts normally catalogued as assets in that kind of real […]

 Kevin Cody

South Bronx to South Bay: Hearts and Minds, again

It took President Obama months to decide what to do next in Afghanistan; he finally presented his plan at West Point on December 1. Last Sunday, the New York Times ran a lengthy examination of his decision-making process — days and nights of meetings with his advisors, many of whom held widely divergent views. He displayed a comprehensive grasp of the issues, the article recounts, prodding the participants with questions and comments, resembling both “a college professor and a gentle cross-examiner,” as one of them put it.

 Kevin Cody

Barfly: Familiar names, no digs

Changing Over: Philly twins Kirk and Kieran Harrington, the culinary force behind what was Corkscrew Café (the small-plate, boutique wine, authentic Philly Cheesesteak, chic but chill like you’re part of the family resto that is now Sushi), Marine/Rosecrans, MB, and Upper Manhattan, Highland, MB have teamed up with Seth Weiss, brother of Darren Weiss, chef/owner of Darren’s Manhattan Ave, MB – still with me? – to buy the Cruz Room.

 Kevin Cody

Letters 1-7-2010

Dolan out the cash

Dear Editor,

Although I do not live in Manhattan Beach, as a taxpayer in this state I am outraged that the Manhattan Beach City Council would give away $195,000 to former City Manager Geoff Dolan because the city failed to give Dolan adequate notice of his dismissal.