Kevin Cody

On local government:Butler is case study in politics of intimidation

If you are a registered Democrat in the 53rd Assembly District, your mailbox has been filled with screeds indicating that Betsy Butler, one of eight candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination, is the devil incarnate.

 Kevin Cody

Harbor Lights: The vocal minority

Redondo Beach City Councilman Bill Brand’s opinions reflect the mission of Building a Better Redondo (BBR), an organization that claims it supports slow growth, but seems much more intent on no growth. BBR portrays its mission as a citizen’s revolt against city government.

 Easy Reader Staff

Fin whales, the planet’s second largest animal, are the cheetahs of the sea

Over the past decade, fin whale sightings in the San Pedro Channel have been on a steady increase, suggesting they are recovering from having been hunted near to extinction Second place is such a drag. It means that first place just got away. It means that you were almost the champion. It means that no […]

 Kevin Cody

Letters to the editor, May 13, 2010

Gift card confusion Dear ER: Please allow me to clarify a few points on which Doug Christensen was mistaken (“Real teacher appreciation, ” ER Letters, May 6, 2010). Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is a function of the PTA, and as such has nothing to do with the RB Teachers Association or RB Education Foundation. […]

 Kevin Cody

Steve Byrne on fireworks in Iraq, surviving stand up

by Andrew Warnuck

Steve Byrne has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and has two hour long Comedy Central specials. We spoke about the secret to joke writing, going on a USO tour seeing his brother in Iraq, and comedy stalkers.

 Kevin Cody

May 6, 2010

Real teacher appreciation
Dear ER:
I just received a flyer from my daughter’s Redondo Beach elementary school with suggestions on the gift cards that each and every teacher (as well as administrator) would like to have for “Staff Appreciation” week — May 24 through May 28.

 Kevin Cody

South Bronx to South Bay: Bees free at last

by Roger Repohl
After a couple years of consciousness-raising and political agitation by urban-agriculture groups, the New York City Department of Health has removed the honeybee from its index of forbidden creatures. Oh, freedom! No longer would beekeepers in the boroughs have to live furtively, fearing betrayal by neighborhood informants, their locations disclosed, their hives confiscated, their checkbooks garnished, their pacific hobby denied them by The Regime.

 Kevin Cody

April 29: Don’t spike the Six-Man

Editor’s note: The following comments were posted at EasyReaderNews.com in response to “No alcohol at 6 Man, fees to increase,” which appeared in the ER April 8, 2010. The Manhattan Beach City council is scheduled to address the issue at its Tuesday, May 4 meeting.

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