Kevin Cody

South Bronx to South Bay: Hearts and Minds, again

It took President Obama months to decide what to do next in Afghanistan; he finally presented his plan at West Point on December 1. Last Sunday, the New York Times ran a lengthy examination of his decision-making process — days and nights of meetings with his advisors, many of whom held widely divergent views. He displayed a comprehensive grasp of the issues, the article recounts, prodding the participants with questions and comments, resembling both “a college professor and a gentle cross-examiner,” as one of them put it.

 Kevin Cody

Barfly: Familiar names, no digs

Changing Over: Philly twins Kirk and Kieran Harrington, the culinary force behind what was Corkscrew Café (the small-plate, boutique wine, authentic Philly Cheesesteak, chic but chill like you’re part of the family resto that is now Sushi), Marine/Rosecrans, MB, and Upper Manhattan, Highland, MB have teamed up with Seth Weiss, brother of Darren Weiss, chef/owner of Darren’s Manhattan Ave, MB – still with me? – to buy the Cruz Room.

 Kevin Cody

Letters 1-7-2010

Dolan out the cash

Dear Editor,

Although I do not live in Manhattan Beach, as a taxpayer in this state I am outraged that the Manhattan Beach City Council would give away $195,000 to former City Manager Geoff Dolan because the city failed to give Dolan adequate notice of his dismissal.

 Kevin Cody

Making it at the beach

 Kevin Cody

On Local Government

by Bob Pinzler Police blotter: Morons on the loose  The Anderson Valley Advertiser is one of those local newspapers that you can enjoy no matter where you are from. It is published in Boonville, California and its politics are what one might call “curmudgeonly libertarian.” One of the joys of a trip to Mendocino, among […]

 Mark McDermott

Letters 12-31-09

Dear ER

Here’s a Sand Dune Park solution (“Sand Dune neighbors plead for rest”). Build a sand dune at the north end of El Porto. Two dozers could do it very quickly. It might not be as tall as Sand Dune Park, but it would be a good work-out…

Dear ER:

Redondo Planning Commissioner Ray Benning calls for Redondo Councilman Bill Brand to represent, not sue the City of Redondo Beach Suit (ER letters, Dec. 24, 2009). He implies the votes for Measure DD do not represent the majority of Redondo…

 Easy Reader Staff

The largest animal to ever live on Earth

And now ladies and gentlemen…drum roll please…introducing the largest animal to ever live on earth, bigger than the largest dinosaur, as long as two school buses stacked end to end a whopping 80 feet, weighing on average 85 tons with a heart the size of a Volkswagen Beetle…I now present to you—the Blue Whale. Yes, […]

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