Kevin Cody

Talia’s, Manhattan Beach

Continuity and consistency are virtues worth bragging about, and the rare restaurant that can boast of being under the same ownership for decades has something to crow about. Odds are good that you’re keeping people happy and earning return visits, which are the most sincere sign of customer satisfaction.

 Kevin Cody

Jackson’s Village Bistro

After a server gave us menus, Chef Scott Cooper came out to describe the daily specials. I don’t know whether he does this every day (it was a quiet Tuesday on our visit), but his descriptions were so enticing that one of my companions immediately decided to get the soup and main course of the day. If Mr. Cooper ever gets tired of the culinary business, he’s a cinch for a career in sales, since his enthusiasm is contagious.

 Kevin Cody

Steakhouse Kobe, Torrance

The offerings here were far more interesting than steakhouse standards like green salad or potato skins – the clientele that frequents this restaurant evidently likes fusion dishes. We started with a plate of roasted Peking duck with sweet black vinegar, an albacore carpaccio and Maui onion salad, and a poached sweet shrimp and seaweed salad with yuzu vinaigrette.

 Kevin Cody

Coco Noche

From the name I figured that it would be another Cuban restaurant, and I was less than excited. When I found that the place would be a wine bar serving California-Korean fusion and chocolate desserts, I was boggled.

 Robb Fulcher

Ragin Cajun has to move

The popular Ragin Cajun Café must find a new location, and that makes owner Stephen Domingue one Cajun who is ragin’. Domingue has guided the restaurant through two expansions during its 18 years on upper Pier Avenue, all the while priding himself on critically acclaimed food, an informal atmosphere and family-friendly tradition. But at the […]

 Richard Foss

Mucho Ultima Mexicana [RESTAURANT REVIEW]

I have had plenty of conversations with longtime beach residents who tell me how dining out used to be better – parking downtown was cheap and easy, restaurant servers knew both their customers and their business, and nobody looked askance at you because you were not wearing this year’s styles. Without actually disputing any of […]

 Easy Reader Staff

Admiral Risty’s Wayne Judah got start on a farm

by Kathy Berg The Admiral Risty co-owner and general manager Wayne Juday can cook and tend bar. He is also a mentor, pilot, softball player, husband, father, and a proud grandfather. The eldest of four children, two brothers and a sister, he was raised on a farm in a small farming community in Hardee County, […]

 Kevin Cody

Parsley, sage, rosemary and time

There’s a new option for dining in downtown Los Angeles, my pinstriped brethren, in much part thanks to Hermosa Beach resident Sean Krajewski, 28. He and his three “partners” (the group resists typical corporate nomenclature) are creating what is quickly turning into a chain of sandwich shops known as Mendocino Farms.