Mark McDermott

The continuing adventures of Katie Costello

When she looks back on it, Katie Costello is pretty sure she was out of her mind. She was 17 and – at least technically speaking – a senior at Mira Costa High School. But in the waning days of 2008, she found herself – of her own admittedly odd volition – alone in New […]

 Easy Reader Staff

“Spit Like a Big Girl” addresses life’s challenges and treasures

Though she’s lived in Southern California for 14 years, there’s still a seductive twang in the speech of Clarinda Ross. It breeds trust and honesty and a down-home humor that is rarely exhibited in Hollywood theater-types. It’s doubtful her closet faire is emblazoned with designer labels and one-of-a-kind gowns. Jeans seem more appropriate. Given her […]

 Mark McDermott

Gin Blossoms at Brixton tonight….

 Easy Reader Staff

Midnight Lamp and International Farmers

Saint Pat Super Show Regardless of the absence of traditional Irish music in a traditional Irish pub, Midnight Lamp shone the way for anyone who forgot how to shake their ass on Saint Patrick’s Day. Sangria’s celebration of our beloved holiday of green debauchery found the Lamp in a different element than they’re used to. This heavy hitting […]

 Mark McDermott

The uplifting ballad of Diego’s Umbrella

This is the story of Diego, his umbrella, a long-dead whistling woman, an elk’s horn, a Jewish wedding, a unicorn and a small troop of well-equipped madmen who wander across the land in search of minor chord women and musical mayhem. It begins, around the turn of the century, with the arm of a man […]

 Kevin Cody

Benoit, Okura hook up at Norris

Prior to welcoming violinist and er-hu player Meg Okura to the Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion stage in Palos Verdes on Saturday night, conductor David Benoit told the audience he found Okura on the Internet. “In keeping with the Asia America Symphony’s mission statement to break down the barriers between jazz and classical music, I was […]

 Bondo Wyszpolski

Pennywise to take on the world with new lead singer

I’d just sat down with guitarist Fletcher Dragge and singer Zoli Teglas. Addressing the former but indicating the later, I put forth the question that Pennywise fans could now ask after several months of wondering who would replace the band’s original member and lead vocalist Jim Lindberg. Why him?

 Mark McDermott

South Bay Beat Songwriter Showcase at Club 705 Wednesday night: James Hurley