Easy Reader Staff

Three moms open independent Manhattan Beach book shop

Once upon a time, in a land of corporate chain bookstores, three moms decided to open a small, independent book shop in the heart of Manhattan Beach.

They set out to cut through the two-story, espresso-vending, discount-driven nature of the “Big Box” stores, and return to a way of book selling that they believed had gotten lost.[Read More]

 Mark McDermott

Soul Monster

Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, bringing a boogie-woogie swing sound and one of the hottest blowing harps since the days of Little Walter, arrive at Brixton Sunday night.

 Kevin Cody

Bascom Hill Music Video at Saint Rocke Tues. Feb. 23. To participate show up at 2 p.m. Must stay ’til 8 p.m. Then party.

 Mark McDermott

The Wedding Storyteller

Photographer Amy Theilig does more than photograph weddings. She tells their story.

 Kevin Cody

Belgian Sarah Bettens at the Lounge Friday night

Sarah Bettens comes to Life at The Lounge for one night, accompanied by her guitar and her trusted piano player, Clayton Senne, a young, accomplished songwriter in his own right.

 Kevin Cody

Stanley Clarke comes to Brixton

Bassist/composer/arranger Stanley Clark has been a highly visible and integral contributor to the world’s jazz music scene for decades. He’s performed with everybody, and Thursday night Stanley Clarke brings his quartet to Brixton on the Redondo Beach pier.

 Kevin Cody

Live at the Lounge: A shot of Brahms with a Schoenfield chaser

Comedy and Magic Club owner Mike Lacey took an unorthodox tact Saturday night to booking Live at the Lounge, his 90-seat music club next door to his comedy club. He scheduled five sets of classical music.

 Kevin Cody

The wedding song, aboard Southwest Flight 3267

by Harold Payne [Editor’s note: The following is longtime South Bay musician Howard Payne’s account of how he came to sing a wedding song to a newly engaged couple on Southwest Flight 3267.] I was flying home to LA after performing in Kansas City, when a little while after take off the flight attendant asked […]