Mark McDermott

Books: glamorous models, actresses, socialites

E-013 (Horst) Babe Paley 2If you placed Twiggy or Penelope Tree in one palm and The World in Vogue in the other, the latter would be heavier. There are some 300 photographs in this large-format, glossy book, culled from the past few decades of Vogue magazine, and it not only contains an A-list of models and actresses and socialites, but an impressive array of photographers.

 Mark McDermott

The Beat goes on

Darkness was spreading across England. It was 1979, and the empire was definitively dead. The formerly mighty nation’s influence had waned worldwide. At home, factories were shuttered. Angry skinheads were on the march. The end seemed nigh. What emerged from the industrial Midlands that very year was, therefore, surpassingly strange. It was a new kind […]

 Bondo Wyszpolski

Pennywise singer Jim Lindberg leaves to pursue his own projects

Singer Jim Lindberg leaves Pennywise to pursue his own projects while guitarist Fletcher Dragge vows that the group will carry on, find a new vocalist, and tour more often. “What it comes down to at the end of the day,” says Fletcher Dragge, “is that we want to tour more than Jim does. That’s the […]

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