Easy Reader Staff

Plant nursery returns to its roots

Jon Bell has spent nearly half his life working at a well-loved Manhattan Beach plant nursery. Last month, he bought the wilting business and is working to return it to its former glory.

 Easy Reader Staff

MBEF raises glasses and money

More than 1,400 people gathered at the Manhattan Beach Country Club Saturday to eat, drink, and merrily raise hundreds of thousand of dollars for Manhattan schools during the 16th Annual Manhattan Beach Education Foundation Wine Auction.

 Easy Reader Staff

Ankle monitor clears man of purse robbery

An electronic ankle monitor cleared a parolee of committing one of two strong-armed robberies in Manhattan Beach this month but landed him in jail anyway when he was found to be in violation of his parole.

 Mark McDermott

Police officer injured in traffic stop

Police are investigating whether or not a collision between a Hermosa Beach motorcycle patrol officer and a driver he stopped on Artesia Boulevard in Redondo Beach was an accident or an intentional assault.

 Mark McDermott

Court sides with city in day laborer case

A federal appeals court last week overturned a lower court’s decision that had prevented the city of Redondo Beach from enforcing the anti-solicitation ordinance used in the arrests of day laborers along Artesia and Manhattan Beach boulevards six years ago.

 Mark McDermott

City employees face deadline

Redondo Beach city employees are being asked to voluntarily accept a six percent wage reduction for the second year in a row as the City Council attempts to meet a $7 million budget gap.

 Kevin Cody

Bittersweet sunset for 48-year teacher

The moment will be bittersweet when 48-year teacher Jan Stewart leaves her Second Grade classroom on Wednesday to take a retirement package that, she said, was urged upon her repeatedly by the city school district superintendent.

 Robb Fulcher

Ragin Cajun has to move

The popular Ragin Cajun Café must find a new location, and that makes owner Stephen Domingue one Cajun who is ragin’. Domingue has guided the restaurant through two expansions during its 18 years on upper Pier Avenue, all the while priding himself on critically acclaimed food, an informal atmosphere and family-friendly tradition. But at the […]