Peninsula People

 Robb Fulcher

Andy Knox’s Olympic achievement

When Andy Knox stood before 1,200 Olympic athletes, civic leaders, officials and volunteers at a ceremonial dinner last year marking the 25th anniversary of the 1984 Games, he brought full circle his deep involvement in one of the most successful events in both Olympic and Los Angeles’ history. Knox, whose life is closely entwined with […]

 Easy Reader Staff

Surfside Grill: Best Food at the Beach

Not many people find their calling within the walls of a small brick concession stand. But then again, not many people have the same enthusiasm for their community and home that Anne Giltner has. The minute her husband rushed in to their house and told her the Department of Beaches and Harbors had presented the […]

 Kevin Cody

Dave Gregerson: Doing what comes naturally

Photos by Dave Gregerson After a 15-hour day in Hawaii shooting the Pipeline Masters for the Associated Press, a few years back, Dave Gregerson found his gas tank had been siphoned. It had already been a challenging day. Just getting the mandatory podium shot of the winner had meant jostling for position with 50 other […]

 Kevin Cody

More Marineland Memories

By Susan Wade, Rancho Palos Verdes When I first moved to California in the late ‘60s, I had never heard of Marineland, but a friend invited me to visit the attraction and it was a wonderful experience. I especially remember the aquarium building.  The variety of fish was amazing and I saw many colorful species. […]

 Kevin Cody

Swiss Lake Steamers-one of the Best Cruises in the world!

Words and photos by John Clayton There was not even a small ripple on the pristine lake, as its glossy, almost shiny surface, looking like a thousand uncut diamonds sparkling in the morning sun, greeted a new day. The object referred to as the Sun, now a huge golden orb, began its climb skywards in […]

 Richard Foss

Culinary author Linda Steidel

by Richard Foss

Culinary author Linda Steidel is bucking a very well established trend: here in the land of the endless summer, she would like to remind us that there are three other quarters of the year with merits of their own.

 Kevin Cody

Chadwick High School Student Filmmaker

by Mia Germain Seeing one’s name in lights might be the dream of many, but for Chadwick High School student James Calhoun, it has already become a reality. After picking up his first video camera in sixth grade, he is well on his way to becoming the professional director that he is more than cut […]

 Easy Reader Staff

Peninsula therapist Randi Gunther

Of her career as a psychologist and its obvious success, Dr. Gunther explained that “I love the puzzle of people’s lives. I’m basically an anthropologist.”

 Easy Reader Staff

Wolfenden’s generosity

After 25 years of romance, all the while raising a blended family of children, the Wolfendens continue to share a passion for giving their time and resources to their community.

 Robb Fulcher

Final frontier filmmaker Michael Potter

Michael Potter’s first film unveils ‘the greatest space story never told’

 Kevin Cody

Living A Dream – Flying aboard the classic B-17 Flying Fortress!

Story and photos by John Clayton In early April, a B-17G Flying Fortress bomber called Aluminum Overcast flew in for a three-day event in which the public could tour the aircraft and, for several hundred dollars, get to take a flight aboard this now classic aircraft. The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association, based in Oshkosh, Wisc.) took me […]

 Kevin Cody

Montera’s celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

Ralph and Josephine Montera celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary on April 21, 2010. They married in Pueblo, Colorado at Mt Carmel Cathedral in 1940. Ralph talks about how they met at a political rally at the Pueblo City Hall in 1938. He can still remember what she was wearing and how her hair was set.

 Easy Reader Staff

Watchmaker Sid Shonholtz

For most of us, growing old isn’t much fun – better than the alternative, I guess. It would be great to age like the piano sitting proudly in the living room. Or the immaculate Patek Philippe wristwatch grandpa bequeathed in his will. Unfortunately, there is no mahogany in these old, creaky bones. The few sonorous […]

 Randy Angel

Fox Sports producer Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons describes his decision in 1990 to pull up stakes and move his family from New York to California as one of two life altering gambles. Simmons was fond of living in the little beach town outside of New York City called Breezy Point. Wendy, his wife of 35 years, was raised in Brooklyn […]

 Easy Reader Staff

Admiral Risty’s Wayne Judah got start on a farm

by Kathy Berg The Admiral Risty co-owner and general manager Wayne Juday can cook and tend bar. He is also a mentor, pilot, softball player, husband, father, and a proud grandfather. The eldest of four children, two brothers and a sister, he was raised on a farm in a small farming community in Hardee County, […]