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 Kevin Cody

Montera’s celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

Ralph and Josephine Montera celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary on April 21, 2010. They married in Pueblo, Colorado at Mt Carmel Cathedral in 1940. Ralph talks about how they met at a political rally at the Pueblo City Hall in 1938. He can still remember what she was wearing and how her hair was set.

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Watchmaker Sid Shonholtz

For most of us, growing old isn’t much fun – better than the alternative, I guess. It would be great to age like the piano sitting proudly in the living room. Or the immaculate Patek Philippe wristwatch grandpa bequeathed in his will. Unfortunately, there is no mahogany in these old, creaky bones. The few sonorous […]

 Randy Angel

Fox Sports producer Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons describes his decision in 1990 to pull up stakes and move his family from New York to California as one of two life altering gambles. Simmons was fond of living in the little beach town outside of New York City called Breezy Point. Wendy, his wife of 35 years, was raised in Brooklyn […]

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Admiral Risty’s Wayne Judah got start on a farm

by Kathy Berg The Admiral Risty co-owner and general manager Wayne Juday can cook and tend bar. He is also a mentor, pilot, softball player, husband, father, and a proud grandfather. The eldest of four children, two brothers and a sister, he was raised on a farm in a small farming community in Hardee County, […]

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Mary Curtin: She Hears the Call to Music

When Mary Curtin isn’t doing the New York Times crossword puzzle in ink every morning, she just might be leading a meeting of the Peninsula Committee for the Los Angeles Philharmonic—or a meeting of Bravo, PVE Cares or the Special Children’s League. This effervescent, 35-year resident of Palos Verdes Estates has always been a very […]

 Kevin Cody

PV Surf Club’s Tulie Clark remembered

Hermosa Beach Surfer’s Walk of Fame pioneer inductee Calvin “Tulie” Clark was buried Tuesday morning at Green Hills Memorial Park wearing his green Palos Verdes Surf Club jacket. He died Friday at age 93 after a long struggle with Alzheimers.

 Kevin Cody

Nurse practicioner Pat Dahlberg

In the case of 23-year-old Ashley Dahlberg, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as she had a great role model to point her in the right direction. Her mother, Pat, is a pediatric nurse practitioner for Partners For Healthy Kids, Providence Little Company of Mary.

 Robb Fulcher

Albro Lundy: Heart of the Law

by Robb Fulcher
Peninsula resident Albro Lundy III, who has helped win billions of dollars for California consumers through energy lawsuits, has added the title Trial Attorney of the Year for his dogged work in an accident case that has improved the safety of state roadways.

 Kevin Cody

Psychologist Corie Hickson dances through life

Completing a PhD in psychology is no cakewalk, but Corinne Hickson danced her way through college and grad school as a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. A clinical psychologist for 14 years, Hickson directs Complete Family Services in Torrance, which specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents and families. And she’s still dancing.

 Kevin Cody

Marineland memories live on at Nelson’s

This early photo of Marineland was recently sent to one of my co-workers from her sister-in-law. Her comment was look at the old cars. The photo immediately brought back memories of visiting the newly opened Marineland during my high school years.

 Easy Reader Staff

Big 50th Birthday Evokes Memories for Sherri, Lynn Gill

The big 50th birthday party is over, but the memory lingers on. That memory may be the most recent for Dr. Lynn E. Gill, president of the South Coast Botanic Garden Foundation, which hosted the all-day, April 17, event on spacious and blooming grounds of the South Coast Botanic Garden. And while all the speeches, […]

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Dr. David Speiser

by Yvonne Liu

Before movine his practice to San Pedro a year-and-a-half ago, Palos Verdes Peninsula resident Speiser had a busy Long Beach practice driving between 100 to 250 miles each day to eight hospitals for 19 years.

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A Woman with a Global Perspective

by Kari Sayers

As a vice president, she is responsible fo the academic programs at the college, meaning the instruction, delivery and assessment.

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They’ve got Designs for a Church Pagent

by Betty Lukas

Creative Trio prepare for the 25th annual living depictions of religious art.

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The Rose Bowl Queens, A striking musical

For the upcoming premiere of the musical “The Rose Bowl Queens,” tiaras and fringed sashes are unwelcome. A split fingernail suffered by a float-riding Pasadena parader is nothing compared to the pain of watching your anchor leave a Bucket, Bedposts or the Big Four. The pasted-on smile of television’s New Year’s debutante isn’t remotely as […]