Mike Purpus

A gift from Duke Kahanamoku

In the early 1960s I had two idols with two completely different personalities — Miki Dora and Duke Kahanamoku. Miki was surfing’s bad boy. He thrived on pissing everyone off. Duke, with his Aloha spirit, treated everyone with respect and grace. The Duke had a brand new Cadillac with a gold plated hood ornament of […]

 Kevin Cody

Best of the South Bay Sports, Part II

Best shaper Pat Ryan, ET Surfboards Few shapers have been more outspoken in their criticism of imported, machine-made surfboards than ET Surfboard’s Pat Ryan. For the past decade, Ryan has argued with anyone who would listen that “pop-out” surfboards are too limited in their designs, too stiff, and most importantly, have no soul. Ryan began […]

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