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Clayton Kershaw goes the distance

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What’s brewing? Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw goes up against the Brewers… and more. Read on!

Kershaw teams up with Skechers shoes, Zislis Group beer

Dodger Ace loosens up with Manhattan Beach businesses beer, shoes

by Bondo Wyszpolski

The Los Angeles Dodgers have once again entered the post-season playoffs, and the first team they’re facing is the Milwaukee Brewers. Which presently brings to mind Clayton Kershaw. Why is that?

Clayton Kershaw shows off his “Wicked Curve” grapefruit infused wheat bear, brewed in partnership with Manhattan Beach’s Zislis Group hotels and restaurants. Photo courtesy of Wicked Curve

A pitcher pitches, and when he’s not on the mound Kershaw is still throwing his wicked curve, or more accurately “Kershaw’s Wicked Curve.”

Michael Zislis of the Manhattan Beach-based Zislis Group explains:

“When I was talking to Clayton his favorite go-to beer is a wheat beer. And I love wheat beer as well so we came up with this grapefruit-inspired wheat ale. A big thing now in the brewing industry is collaborating. So brewers collaborate with other brewers, we collaborate with sports stars and celebrities. So, for me, to make a beer for Clayton Kershaw was a treat. Baseball, beer, helping kids, now that’s a real homerun.”

Helping kids?

Kershaw’s Challenge, which was founded by Kershaw and his wife Ellen in 2011 is a “faith-based, others-focused organization” that gives back to people in need. According to their mission statement, “We believe that God can transform at-risk children and neighborhoods through the benevolence and impact of others.” Since 2011, the organization has partnered with 22 different groups and raised $12 million dollars to help the needy and downtrodden in Los Angeles and Dallas, as well as the Dominican Republic and Zambia.

Kershaw’s Wicked Curve (not actual size)

Partnering with Zislis and his BuzzRock Brewing Co. in Torrance is another of these “challenges. Proceeds from Kershaw’s Wicked Curve (along with limited edition T-shirts and Kershaw-signed crowlers) go to his and his wife’s charity.

Lance from Manhattan Beach wants to know: “I’d like to try one of these ales. Where can I get it?” The best place is The Brews Hall at 21770 Del Amo Circle East in Torrance because it’s a multi-concept brewery and food hall. They also have over 20 premium beers on tap.

Curly from Hermosa Beach is curious: “Can I get them in cans, bottles, or kegs? And how much are they?” Cans only, Curly. Each can is 19.2 ounces and Gelson’s grocery store can sell you a four-pack for $13.99.

Where else can one purchase Kershaw’s Wicked Curve?

Clayton Kershaw keeps his feet in shape, not just his pitching arm, by wearing Stretch-Fit Footwear in the dugout when he’s not on the mound. The shoes are manufactured by Manhattan Beach-based Skechers. Photo courtesy of Skechers

The Zislis Group operates The Strand House, Rock & Brews, Rock’n Fish, the Strand House, Brewco, and the Shade Hotels in Redondo and Manhattan Beach. If it’s not there this minute, the ale will be in these other locations soon. No word yet on prices going up or down depending on how well Kershaw throws over the next week or two.

Jasper from El Segundo is puzzled: “What does grapefruit wheat ale taste like? And why grapefruit and not guava or nectarine?” The grapefruit taste is subtle and I swung through it with my first few swallows — but I did get some wood on it during my next at bat, so to speak. It’s subtle. It’s also said to have pine flavors and aromas. I’m not sure what pine tastes like. Maybe it resembles oak or sycamore? Let’s hope there’s no association with pine tar. As for guava or nectarine, well, Kershaw and Zislis could always follow up with Kershaw’s Ferocious Fastball or Kershaw’s Slippery Slider, so there’s an open season of possibilities for the innings ahead.

You can call The Brews Hall at (310) 294-9838, or visit

But we’re not done with Clayton Kershaw just yet. Back in July he made a couple of short commercials for Skechers USA, which as we all know is based in Manhattan Beach. He’s promoting Skechers Stretch-Fit Footwear, and here’s the spiel: “Walking around in stiff, uncomfortable shoes is like pitching in a suit of armor.” The video footage shows him trying to throw a strike, dressed head to toe in knight’s armor. The ball barely gets out of his hand, and that’s the point; as for Kershaw, it looks like he had loads of fun during the filming. Let’s hope he keeps smiling in the days ahead.

Now we know what to put on our feet and what to pack in the fridge as the Blue Crew makes another run for the pennant. Batter up! ER



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