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Best Nutrition For After A Long Day Of Surfing

by proteinfactory.com - 4 weeks ago

When the waves are kicking and the surf is epic, a surfer can be in the ocean for hours at a time.  This requires lots of energy and stamina.  Good nutrition is essential to keep paddling for those waves.  This article will cover foods and supplements that can help the surfer recover from their surf session.

What to consume

Carbohydrates are the body's preferred energy source.  The body has the easiest time getting the glycogen out of the carb source to fuel its body.  The best forms of carbs are natural.  Grains and vegetables will provide sustained energy which is perfect for surfing.  Faster digesting carbs like fruit will provide quick glycogen replacement.  If one knows that they are going surfing for a long time they should consume grains and vegetables the night before and then a banana or apple right before they paddle out.


After a surf session, one should combine unflavored protein powder, with carbohydrates.  The body needs the amino acids in the protein powder to help muscle recover and get stronger.  

Finally, electrolytes and anti-oxidants are needed as well for optimal recovery.  Believe it or not chocolate is the perfect post surfing drink.  It contains, carbs, protein, electrolytes, and anti-oxidants. 

What to not to consume

Surfers should not consume energy drinks or pre workout supplements.  Many of these contain caffeine which can dehydrate the person using them.  Surfers tend not to drink water when surfing so this can be especially bad.  

In conclusion, surfers are athletes and they should be aware of sports nutrition foods to help them recover from epic surf sessions.  

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