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Ecstatic Dance South Bay

by Ecstatic Dance South Bay - 1 year ago


Ecstatic Dance South Bay is an ocean sunset dance. It’s an intentional sound journey shaped with free-form movement. It’s a substance-free, ego-free dance floor overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Manhattan Beach pier. It’s a sacred space, safe and inviting, open and refreshing. Come see and feel for yourself how special this studio is:) All dance abilities and experience are welcome. This is a dance without booze, shoes or talking. Keep your shoes and conversations in the front area or outside. Non-verbal communication is encouraged on the dance floor. We are contact improv friendly, consent and manners required. If you choose to take it to the floor, be mindful of the all dancers and move your ground movement to the edges of the floor. The music: We play world organica, exploratory & inspiring music. The first 30 min of the evening is warmup. Then the music builds several times so dancers can dance their full wave, landing gently into stillness. GUIDELINES FOR DANCE: Respect: Each other and everyone's personal space. Manners: Ask consent for pair & group dances. Sacredness: No talking in the dance space. Substance-free. Remove your shoes before entering. Phones and texting off the floor. Perfumes/colognes free. Remember to shower/bathe. Age 15+. This dance is about self-expression, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and those around you. This is a space for mindful community celebration while dancing to an ocean sunset. Movement, Music + Community You are invited to come dance with us.

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