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Face Masks + Free Data Blocker (1 pack 4 Masks)

by spybase - 2 years ago


This simple and innovative, one‑piece mask is the affordable way to outfit your crew with customized cloth face coverings. Made from soft, breathable, single‑ply 95/5 cotton/spandex blend (similar to a stretchy t‑shirt). No‑sew design has raw machine cut edges and a contoured shape with two sets of ear holes to fit most children and adults. Masks may curl after washing & drying but will regain shape when worn. Help slow the spread and preserve medical‑grade gear for healthcare professionals

Each order come with a Package of 4 units +free Data Blocker for cellular phone

A USB data blocker, is a device that allows you to plug into USB charging ports including charging kiosks, and USB ports on gadgets owned by other people.
The purpose of using one is to eliminate the risk of infecting your phone or tablet with malware, and even prevent hackers to install/execute any malicious code to access your data.
If you connect your devices to a wireless or wired public internet connection, or a USB power charging station, it’s difficult to tell how safe they’ll be. You probably use a VPN when browsing, but that doesn’t hinder hackers from accessing data from your device when connected to a public charging port.
With a USB data blocker, you can stop your device from getting hacked at a public place if you’re going to use the USB power charging stations in such areas.
A USB data blocker prevents attackers from stealing your data 

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