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FREE First Class! Tutoring by Ivy-league Tutors

by HiFive Tutoring - 3 weeks ago

Visit www.hifivetutoring.com

Under $39/hr

Learn from tutors that attend world-renowned universities (including Princeton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, and Cornell), earned perfect exam scores (on SAT/PSAT/ACT/AP exams), and are in the top 1% of their class. All at the most affordable rate; FREE first class. We tutor all core academic subjects from 1st grade-university level and standardized exams.  

We have successfully conducted over 2,000+ lessons and have a 5-star rating (simply google “HiFive tutoring Georgia”). We work hard to uphold our 100% satisfaction rate and have experience with the most recent curriculum and various standardized exams; we have helped 250+ families increase their class/exam scores. We personalize our teaching style for your child, and provide quality instruction and abundant prep material, study guides, and strategies to boost performance drastically! Learn the secrets of success from those that succeeded in the course or exam you need help in.

We tutor online using Blackboard, a platform specifically designed for the education industry. It is a virtual classroom specifically designed to personalize face-to-face learning. Its functionalities include an online whiteboard, chatting, uploading files, sharing screens, "raising hands," etc.

We guarantee satisfaction and quality service at an affordable rate! Free diagnostic testing and custom study plan generation as well.

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