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Get 1 Free Month of Email Marketing!

by The South Bay Project, Inc. - 2 weeks ago


Subscribe to 6 months of Email Marketing Management and get 1 free month of service!*

Hurry! Offer ends August 31st! Click or tap Find Out More to visit our website and fill out a form to get started. A Project Manager will be in touch ASAP to schedule a time to chat.

Have SB Project start increasing your brand awareness now to get the best results during the upcoming holiday sales and beyond.
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33 spots available. Offer ends August 31st. Only applies to businesses based in the South Bay or a business owner living in the South Bay. Free month can be redeemed any month after the 3rd month of service. *This offer is truly only available once a year.



Our prices for email marketing ranges from $300/month and up. Our pricing is fixed and is based on the amount of emails and drip campaigns we are managing for your business. Our price does not include the cost of email marketing software, unless you use one of our preferred email vendors. Our price also does not include the cost of any advertising service necessary to grow your list, such as social media advertising, or search engine advertising. The value of our email marketing services is that it will help you engage your email leads, speed up your sales cycle, and save you the time and headache of trying to implement this on your own. Fill out the form below or tap/click the button below.
+ $150 setup fee

From automated lead-gen campaigns to transactional email communications, SBP’s email marketing campaigns support your business goals through targeted, relevant messaging that drives the audience through the sales cycle.


You want to communicate a consistent message to your customers through email on a regular basis, but you don’t know how to create a campaign or template, let alone send email blasts. You want to grow your customer list automatically, ensure retention and build credibility. You also may not have the staff, time or expertise to handle the full extent of your email marketing needs. You also want to track the campaign’s results so you can optimize your offerings and messages.


You need forms integrated into your website for potential customers to sign up to receive your email campaigns. You need a single platform to create, schedule, launch and track email campaigns for current customers. You also want the expertise of experienced professionals to guide you through the technical formatting and creative aspects necessary to set up, track and maintain a successful email marketing platform.


Having a website is great, but why not give customers a daily or weekly reminder of what you have to offer, even when they aren’t visiting your site? Your content will be waiting for them in their inbox, first thing in the morning. If you engage your customers repeatedly over a period of time, their trust in your brand grows, resulting in more purchases or visits to your site. With our website integration, visitors can sign up to automatically receive your email marketing campaigns.

Get 20% Off G-Suite!  Contact us  for a promo code.

Get 20% Off G-Suite! Contact us for a promo code.


The first step is a consultation to understand your business’ specific needs and goals. Whether you need a simple monthly email to share what’s happening with your company, or weekly emails beautifully crafted with appealing graphics and custom calls to action, we will conceptualize and execute the ideal email marketing plan for your business.

With your email marketing needs in mind, we will strategically implement and provide:

  • A positive customer experience through our automated email marketing system

  • An effective email campaign strategy designed to generate interest and/or sales

  • A platform for your email marketing efforts and integration of a signup form into your website

  • Our consulting, expertise and creativity to help establish and grow your email subscriber list


  • Email campaign strategy development

  • Custom creative graphics and template design

  • Setup and website integration and deployment

  • Managed email marketing

  • Email list management

  • Consulting



It’s easy to get excited about the latest social media and digital marketing opportunities out there. But we believe strongly that email marketing remains an effective way to reach your audience with the information they want when they want it. In fact, email marketing often outperforms social media in terms of reach and conversion rate. Email campaigns are ideal for driving sales and retaining customers. The advances in marketing automation and marketing personalization allow for an easy way to deliver individual, personal messages to the masses.


As part of an integrated marketing campaign, your email marketing is a regular, reliable way to support your business goals and enjoy a larger reach. Our team develops strategies to increase email marketing lists and identify audiences, and our copywriters and designers develop emails that capture your audience’s attention—whether they’re reading it on a desktop, smart phone, or tablet.

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