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How to do a Life Audit

by VinoVie | the wine life - 8 months ago

Have you ever wished you could change your life? You can! Learn how to press pause, asses the wins and the damages, redirect your habits and create a more fulfilling existence.


Did you know about 30% of the workforce changes their career path every 12 months? If you can relate to frequent career changes, or the desire to alternate paths, it might help to know that deciding to make some drastic changes in your life can be done with the help of a life audit.

In fact, regarding your mental health, productivity, and overall clarity, a life audit can provide AMAZING results! It’s not just career changes that can have an impact - many aspects of life can benefit from completing a life audit.

My goal is to help you realize which areas of your life might not be progressing as you’d like, and to implement steps to achieve your full potential which you may have disregarded along the way in favor of ‘just getting by’.

You DESERVE to live a truly happy and fulfilled life, and I’m here to help you figure out how to use what you already have to redirect you there!

To learn how to live your best life, join me for a special webinar I’m hosting, How To Do A Life Audit, on Tuesday, December 17th at 12:00 pm PST. You’ll have a chance to assess the elements of your life that are currently causing you stress, worry, or maybe just a little bit of confusion. You’ll also gain a clear understanding of how factors such as your environment, relationships, and career all have the potential to improve with just a little bit of awareness and attention.

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