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Imagine Being Pain Free

by Dr Fitness USA - January 12, 2019

3d04d435-247f-3cc7-8514-74d2b76ed96e.jpegLearn Dr Fitness USA's, often referred to as the New Jack Lallanne, secrets to

  • Looking and feeling 15 years younger
  • Getting 20% to 50% stronger
  • Potentially being 100% pain free

Beyond Yoga, Pilates and Personal training

We will address the anti-aging properties of strength training, according to universal principles such as the law of cause and effect, grounding, Yin/Yang energies, postural alignment among others.

Topics include
• How male and female energies influence the workouts
• Why women shouldn’t train like men
• Stress management tools to slow down the aging process and increase productivity
• Dispelling the myth of NO TIME
• Are you doomed to suffer from back pain for the rest of your life? What your chiropractor is not telling you!

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