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by spybase - 2 weeks ago

at Spybase we have a great line of products and our best seller is the  :

Digital voice recorder. the shape of  a USB drive 

The Battery   will  last  up to 25  days on  Sound Activation Mode ,with  up to 254 hours of recording  with date time stamp

Microphone super sensitive   Record up to about  20 feet from a  normal   conversation

Very ease operation on and off no software needed , after recording  just connect to your USB and the AUDIO will  pop up (file e) automatically 

:)save files .delete file send file by email 

Recharge the unit for 2 hours  and use it again 


 the best disguised  Voice recorder on the market. 

Ideal for personal use and d be aware some place they  do not allow to recorder (check the laws) 

Great product  Call for more info  ASk for our 4 G GPS  live tracker on sale know 

thank you


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