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Real time gps tracker 4g gl300

by spybase - 1 year ago

New line of spy toys for kids 

from your unusual  friendly spy store retail store since 1989

and much more 

you have the right to know ! what you do not know could hurt  you

We do sweep to locate gps on cars .call for appointment ) 18005705562

New line of digital voice recorder last up to 25 days /3 months

Rf detector to locate cameras ,bugs and much more , we show how to use .hand on,


You can buy the most expensive unit  If you do not know how to use with  the proper technique you will not find  anything

At the store we show how to check for  gps  cameras , audio bugs and others  when purchase the unit 

With a pro 


Also new line of GPS TRACKER 2020 4G gl300 MA

we do for you at the store no charge

download APP

activate the  unit

Fully charged unit will allow to see live in about 40 minute 

help hand on where to  find the best place to put the unit on the car etc



Your friendly spy store  https://www.spybase.com/
thank you

 1800 570 5562 



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