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by EASY READER, INC. - November 2, 2018




South Bay start-up, Roll, launches new valet service that rolls your waste containers to and from the curb on your weekly trash and recycling day. The service is completed with a disinfectant wipe and spray of your containers. The company is the first of its kind and basically creating a new valet or waste management business category.

Today there are services that transport you to the airport, deliver food and park your car. Are we ready for one to take out your trash? Roll claims the service is designed to help time deprived residents of South Bay check one more item off their To-Do-List. More specifically they are targeting frequent travelers, property managers (i.e. airbnb), senior citizens, and the injured and disabled.

"The service also works as a crime deterrent. Leaving containers on your curb for extended periods of time is basically advertising you are out of town," said Manhattan Beach resident and Roll owner, Mark Edwards.

The waste valet service was conceptualized by Edwards as various neighbors asked him for favors to roll their containers to and from their homes, while they were away. Currently, Roll offers one-time service and monthly subscription service to Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beach areas.

Roll Valet (www.rollvalet.com), is a waste valet company based in Redondo Beach, CA. Their service offering includes:

1. Roll-out - Roll valets arrive at your residence the afternoon prior to your specified waste collection day to roll-out designated containers. (RV adheres to all Waste Management best practices for curb placement.) Timeframe: 1p to Sunset

2. Roll-back - Post collection, roll valets return to your residence and roll-back all containers to specified storage area and discard of any loose debris from the collection process.
Timeframe: Within 4 hours of collection

3. Refresh - Our service is concluded by applying our lavender disinfectant spray to the container lid, handles and interior.
(* Spray helps eliminates odors and kills 99.9 percent of mildew, mold, viruses, and bacteria.)

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