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Save $50 at Kumon of Redondo Beach in Oct' 2019 !!

by Kumon of Redondo Beach South - 2 years ago

Discover how children can benefit from Kumon Program!!

Save $50 for Enrolling your children (Pre-K to 12th Grade) in Math and/or Reading Classes

Kumon's individualized worksheet lesson plan ensures your kids master every concept, increasing confidence and enthusiasm for learning

You'll see your kids benefit from the daily routine that provides step-by-step learning and builds great study habits

As they progress in Kumon, mental math skills and improved reading comprehension will help them complete homework and tests faster and with less stress

To schedule a FREE placement test, call 424-257-6700 or email redondobeachsouth_ca@ikumon.com.

This offer is valid for enrollment during the month of October, 2019 Only.


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