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SPECIAL PRICE from Your local friendl Spy store

by spybase - 3 days ago

22daf3cd-a564-366d-a89f-8a9f344324bc.webpAt Spy base


No activation fee / no contract / see live every 1 minute (24.95)  other options available

We do everything for you  (about 10 minutes)  when you leave the store  it will take 40 minutes to see live on your cell phone on a free app) we keep most unit already fully charge 

BUY with   PRIVACY  

This unis (complete KIT) FOR ONLY $65.00 (limited time only ) 5 available know

back orders available if sold out 

We also  do offer services to locate hidden live GPS trackers  by professional with the right equipment

If you suspect that something is not right ! that unusual felling .i see that person  before!

Who  is following me ? and Why? 

I want my privacy back !

Call us to schedule a time   for a sweep on your vehicle ,discretely ,quite on secure location

We  look for Motion activated GPS TRACKER, Non  Motion GPS , on demand GPS and others possible items

The process is done with you and we will explain what we are doing ,and how to protect  your self  after the Sweep

is complete to avoid future situations

Call us anytime  open 10 to 06 Tuesday trough Sunday  1800 570 55 62  Thank you :)


c2a323b5-3637-3e34-a5c4-1536042353d1.webp3528959b-7cb4-32aa-9214-97498beea4b2.webpvoice RF CAMERA AUDIO VIDEO FINDER GPS FINDER  and next a DIGITAL  VOICE Recorder 25 days  battery voice and sound activated with date and time BEST SELLER  and much more come visit us thank you

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