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SPY GPS REAL TIME TRACKER at your friendly spy

by spybase - 1 year ago

spy base

NEW MINI  Live Gps tracker 4G from SpyBase platform / Made in USA

Model  GL300MA 

We do the activation  , download app 

Charged gps trackers allow to see live  in about  40 minutes

All for only $85.95 (include magnetic case )


Professional Sweep Services to locate live GPS trackers  call for appointment

1 800 570 5562 

Specialized on GPS Tracker Devices , Digital Voice Recorders ,Audio\Video RF Detectors to locate hidden cameras at hotels /motels/homes/offices .We explain how it work (hands on )

Self defense/hidden cameras/ and much more at the store 

  134 international boardwalk - Redondo Beach - Ca 90277   

Retail Store Since 1989 with a web site 

Open 10:00 to 05:00 Tuesday trough  Sunday 

            You Have the right to know, because what you do not know might hurt you! Buy  with privacy no data collected       

Just Receive


A great selection of pocket knifes /Tactical Knifes and much more !

0d8404cf-6d83-347d-b880-06368f320bf9.jpeglock pick set (special) 

32 pic set ,Clear Lock for training +Bond Credit Card  shape hidden lock pick

Digital Voice Recorder MQU350   ,fully functional as USB Drive  (25 days  stand by)Battery Vox activated,Date and Time ,very sensitive microphone (1 year warranty) $95.00

  • Your friendly gift store ,LOCAL since 1989
  •   SWEEP services by professional  to find  Live GPS TRACKER on your car /suv /
  • Sweep for homes and small offices  to locate bugs.hidden cameras (affordable and professional)
    Call for appointment and details 
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Charge the camera for 2 hours first before using to make sure the camera is 100% full charged. Don’t insert SD card into the camera when charging.
● Modify the system time before using if you need a correct time. Please read the user manual carefully if you do not know how to set the time.
● Using this product may be a little hot,it is normal,please don’t worry about that.
● Please read the instructions carefully before using the product.
● It is a little hard to pull the memory card out. Please try to use you finger nail or pin to help!

Dice hidden camera Las Vegas style HD quantity

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AC adapter CELL PHONE CHARGER ,fully functional with a MICRO MINI HD CAMERA , 1080 ,WI FI or not WI FI .motion activated,support 32 or 64 gb (optional) depending the model (from  $45 to $85)


Just received the  MINI STUN GUN, SLIDER  discreet small 

We are at 134 intl  boardwalk  by  quality sea food market/paddle boats 

always privacy is our main goal 


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