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Sweep service to find GPS Trackers/hidden camera

by spybase - 6 days ago

We do offer special service to locate Live gps on cars / bugs and hidden cameras for small offices and homes

Call for appointment 1800 570 5562  Professional and affordable  We are local 

New selection of pocket knife , hidden cameras e special on gps live unit

We do not keep any  personal  info ,our sales are  strictly  confidential 

Touch the products ask any question .see if the products is right for you . maybe you do not need or need  something else?

We are in business since 1989,and local 

come visit us any time your friendly spy base ( retail store)  Monday trough Sunday from 10 to 6


AC ADAPTER cell charger  fully functional has a HIDDEN camera HD 1080 ,motion activated , wi fi or not wi fi  .32 to 64 gb memory capacity micro sd card (optional)ideal nanny camera )

Also a new line of :

pocket knife 

Pepper spray 

Stun gun SLIDER 

Located at 134 international   boardwalk  RB 90505


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