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The friendly LOCAL spy store in south bay area

by spybase - 1 year ago


GPS TRACKER 2020 4G live view GLMA300 

We just receive small POUCH IR  blocker  .to protect you cell phone

New small knifes , pepper spray , stun gun 

Fell secure and protect anywhere 

New Line of Spy learning ( spy kit) for Kids 

come visit us



This  fully functional cell phone charger has a hidden micro HD camera 1080 support 32/ 64 /128gb 

motion activated ,wi fi or non wi fi 


We  just receive new  items in the store ,nanny cameras,digital voice recorder .self defense knives and others 

Come visit  us at  the  Redondo  beach pier on the 134 international boardwalk ,quality seafood market and kona coffee

Sweep service to locate  Hidden  Gps trackers on any vehicle

Call to make appointment  

1800 570 5562  It take about 30 to 45 minutes to do professional job on a secure place on lower level  parking on the pier with proper equipment 



LawMate is ready with the next generation of hidden cameras. The DVR278WF is a compact, portable hidden camera designed to look and function as a Bluetooth speaker. It seamlessly camouflages into any environment. The LawMate covert Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera is a 3 in 1 device: use it as a camera, video recording device and/or Bluetooth speaker, all while controlling it on a smart device. This covert Bluetooth Speaker camera is Wi-Fi enabled and IP based which can be remotely accessed and viewed with the PV Cam Viewer App on any smart device as well as recording directly to a memory card to avoid being hacked.7905a11a-e622-379a-aa75-bab3bae30b33.webp

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