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You now have to protect yourself - Nick's Dojo

by Nick's Dojo - 2 weeks ago

Nick's Dojo - Self Defense

The neighborhood is changing and drastically getting worse.

It's growing.

It seems like it doubles and triples every month.

You see it and you have to ask yourself what will my neighborhood be like. How do I protect my family, my car and my home.

Is your family safe when you are not there?

There are dangerous, unstable and under the influence people walking around. The numbers are increasing. Local city government seems to be following the "non proactive stance" (Which is becoming common in California).

You are now on your own. 

Police might only get involved when something actually happens instead of being preventative.

You and your family must learn basic self defense.

50 years experience.

25 years in the South Bay

Traditional Shotokan Karate

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