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Your friendly local SPY store (Sweep services)

by spybase - 2 years ago

We are local GIFT SPY STORE  :Redondo Beach Pier : Serving  South bay since 1989

At  Spybase retail store  we have a great line of products and service to protect your privacy

  1. We do Sweep to find   Hidden gps trackers devices on cars /suv etc
  2. We do Sweep for small offices  to locate hidden cameras and wireless audio bugs 
  3. Call for appointment 1 800 570 5562  (affordably and  professional)
  4. This is our Best sellers : Digital Voice Recorder. the shape of  a USB drive 

The Battery   will  last  up to 25  days on stand by and is  Sound Activation mode   ,with  up to 254 hours of recording  ,and  date time stamp

Microphone super sensitive   Record up to about  20 feet from a  normal   conversation

Very ease operation ,on and off, no software needed , after recording  just connect to your USB port and the AUDIO will  pop up (file e) automatically :)save files .delete file send audio file by email a751247c-648e-33cd-9bc3-9cde93784186.webp

Recharge for 2 hours  and use it again 

The best disguised  Voice recorder on the market. 1 year warranty 

Ideal for personal use (check the laws) 

Great product  Call for more info or visit us at 134 international boardwalk RB  CA 90505 Tuesday trough Sunday 10 am  to 6 pm

Also we have clock radios/smoke detectors/AC adapter hidden cameras and other disguised hidden cameras options and self defense products 

thank you


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