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Our Retail store  Spy Base .com is located    next  to the great  Redondo beach Pier on the boardwalk :)

Advantages to Shop locally!!

Get discreet face to face assistance and advice

We have special price for local buyers on Live GPS  trackers and others products 

When purchase live gps trackers we do all the activation  for you, at  the store  ,no charge ,in 20 minutes most our units are fully charged ,when you leave the store  the unit is fully active and tracking 

We are discreet we do not collect

We do offer sweep service to locate Gps on cars locally  (call for appointment)

We do offer service to find  hidden camera for  your house , businees and  office  (call for appointment)locally

We are local  since 1989 come visit us 

We are always here for you

Do not worry about hacking devices on your PC  or cell phone  come direct to the store 

Be Safe 

Come talk to us and we will be glad to assist anytime discretely ,protect your privacy 

Hope see you soon have a great day enjoy our  Beautiful  AREA 

134 international boardwalk  Redondo beach ca 90505 #1800 570 55 62   (Tuesday trough Sunday  hours  10 to 6 or by appointment)

2da3503d-5859-3e2e-9a59-12489101fd51.webphttps://spybase.com Serving south bay since 1989

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