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Gps real time tracker 


134 international boardwalk 

Redondo Beach 90277  (open 10 t0 5)

100 yards south of  captain kids restaurant next to kona coffe 

Advantages to purchase a Real time live GPS Tracker at  our  retail store:
A) Discreet and safe buying (no information collected)
B) Help on where to  better stick  the GPS  + technical support and advice.
B1)Unit fully charged on pick up at store ready to track
C) We do sweep for gps so we know were to suggest to add the unit
D) Help to activate the  GPS TRACKER  unit on the store if needed ,and explain all the functions of the GPS  tracker before leave the store
E) Any question can be answered with a experienced retail store personnel
All that included at the Spybase.com retail store purchase advantage

You have the right to know,because what you do not know could hurt you " 

What could not be more true for a  reason to purchase a low cost high quality NEW  4 G GPS real time TRACKER GL300MA  (goodle map)Free app download

A  NEW 4 G GPS TRACKER  GL300MA from SPYBASE.com  will provide the answers you need ! MADE IN USA - Quality guaranteed

Small, lightweight, and powerful, the Mini GPS Tracker from spybase  with a magnetic case weatherproof , smaller enough to attach to any Car,trucks ,SUV Motorcycle, Bicycle or any equipment etc (no need any wiring) This Mini GPS  tracker goes anywhere and can track just about anything. The long-lasting rechargeable battery can last  for up to 17 days with 2 hours of driving  average per day (the unit is motion activated)

If you drive  more them 2  hours (average per day),the battery will last accordingly, like any GPS brand on the market ,there is no exception only if you add extra package with extended battery ,it will last longer ,but the magnetic case will double the size(call for more info) is available

Default automatic motion sensor based on internal 3-axis accelerator meter ,providing faster and better motion detection

Historical play back up to 1 year also you can add up to 100 units on the same app (ideal for fleet tracking)

Preset  display viewing intervals  Services: Motion activated(default )

(Default ) Display (google map) View live every 1 minute (default is $ 24.95 )

  • Month to Month, no activation fee, no contract!

  • Optional plans on  live viewing  intervals :

View live every 30 seconds$ 24.95
View live every 10 seconds $39.95
View live every  5 seconds $44.95

One year contract is available (lower price) also free activation

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