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Endless Session, Day 327: Surfvival

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Trying not to drown. Photo by www.bumpsetsurf.com on day 293

Trying not to drown. Photo by www.bumpsetsurf.com on day 293

by Morgan Sliff

I can’t sit up for more than an hour without feeling like there’s a 10 pound burning weight on my chest and back.  A pop into physical therapy in lieu of my doctors state-adjacent absence a few days ago on Friday proved to be not the best choice.  Ed Scale’s witch-doctor healing powers are rivaled by none, and the electrode strips placed on my chest and back by someone different seemed to have set me back a week rather than doing their supposed job of stimulating healing in the muscles.

So the ocean experience of today was more geared toward surf-vival, and catching a wave was a complex puzzle of timing, weight placement, and sheer nuts motivation.  I felt lifeless in the water, and possibly looked like a drowning victim.  The next few days will be focused on deciding on whether or not I can continue to do this to myself.




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